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Welcome to the Tri-Town Little League All-Star Information Page 


In this section you will learn more about the Tri-Town Little League All-Star process, as well as useful information players, parents, managers, coaches, and league officials should know about the All-Star experience in the Tri-Town Little League.

Tri-Town Little League provides the opportunity for participation in both Little League sanctioned All-Star Tournaments and local tournaments following the end of the regular Tri-Town season.    The tournaments which Tri-Town participates in are all highly competitive and provide an extraordinary learning experience for each of its participants.   It is considered an honor to represent your league as an All-Star. 

What Every Parent and Player Should Know About All-Stars 


It is an honor to be selected for an All-Star team.  Many players compete for a position on the team – not all players make the team.   For the players and parents that do make the team, it is very important to understand expectations, requirements, and the commitment necessary to be on AND remain on the team. To be considered as a qualified nominee, players must:
(1) be available during the summer months to fully participate in all practices and games,
(2) have exemplary skill levels,
(3) have good attitudes,
(4) be committed to winning and the team
(5) be recognized by managers and coaches for their playing ability during the regular season: 

  • Skill Level – Each nominee must possess baseball, softball skills in the top percentile of players within their age group, as determined by the regular season manger, All-Star manager and League Agent.
  • Attitude – The player must demonstrate respect for other players, coaches, umpires and league officials.
  • Commitment – Each player must be willing to commit him/herself completely to the All Star team and the schedule as set forth by the manager and tournament officials.  The player is required to attend EVERY practice and game and will not be excused without a valid reason.  Unexcused absences, as determined by the manager, may be penalized up to and including removal from the All-Star team. 
  • Regular Season Performance and Playing Ability – High levels of regular season performance and playing ability will be recognized by managers, and coaches via manager nominations and manager/coach voting on said nominees.

To ensure that there is no misunderstanding between parents, players, and managers of All-Star teams regarding requirements, parents/legal guardians and players are required to sign the Tri-Town Little League All-Star Commitment Letter before being considered for an All-star team.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  


How are All-Star players selected?                       
Please see the Player Eligibility and Selection Process section below. 

How are All-Star managers/coaches selected?  
Please see the Manager/Coach Selection Process section below. 

What are the functions of the All-Start Committee and who are they?  
See All-Star Committee section below. 

When do practices and games begin?                 
Coaches and players selected to an All-Star/Tournament team are committing to a 3 to 4 week (possibly longer) intensive baseball schedule.  The estimated timeframe is from June 15th through the end of July for the district teams.  Local tournaments vary but normally run from mid June to late July.  Coaches and players selected can expect to practice several times a week and to play multiple baseball games.  Coaches and players unable to meet this type of schedule should not choose to coach or play in All-Stars. 

What documentation is required? 
Original birth certificates and 3 proofs of residency are required no later than the 18th of June for the District All Star teams only. These documents will be returned after verification by District 1 by the end of June. OR Document of School attended inTri-Town area, signed by Administrator from your school. 

What are the fees for participation?  
Williamsport teams (9/10, 11, 12, 13/14 15/16 ) will continue to be partially funded by the league.   Local tournament teams (approved by the ASC) will receive $250 for support.   The rest of the funding will need to be raised by each individual team.    

Are there any other additional volunteer requirements? 
Tri-Town will provide concession food (if required by the local tournament).   The teams will be asked to run the concession and a 50/50 during the games to help raise money for the League.  The manager of each local tournament team will be responsible for all fundraising efforts (i.e. concession stand & 50/50 volunteers, and raising additional funds to cover the fees above and beyond the $250 from the league). League will also supply Board members for help in concessions and field prep.

What about uniforms?  
All uniforms will be standard among all Tri-Town LL All-Star teams.   Styles/colors to be determined by the ASC.  No alterations to the uniforms will be allowed. 

Which tournaments do we participate in?  
Placement in tournaments (both district and local) will be evaluated on a year by year basis by the ASC. 

What if I have additional questions not covered here?  
  Please contact your League Agent who will be happy to assist you.

All-Star Committee (ASC) 
The Tri-Town All-Star Selection Committee is comprised of the League VP of Baseball, League Agents, and other Board Members. The Committee is both accountable and responsible for the following:

  • League-wide communication to Tri-Town members about key dates and activities associated with the Little League All-Star tournament
  • Definition and implementation of all All-Star team-related nomination and selection processes
  • Selection and approval of all All-Star managers and coaches
  • Selection and approval of all All-Star team and player-related transactions (includes evaluations, player removal/additions)
  • Communication with the coaching staff - including orientation and enforcement of all Little League and Tri-Town rules, regulations, and policies
  • Ordering of all All-Star-related equipment and uniforms that the League will provide

All-Star Team, Manager and Coach Selection Process 

The Tri-Town Little League All-Star team selection process is multifaceted and is designed to be as objective and fair as possible to all players who are eligible to be evaluated for an All-Star team. 

Player Eligibility and Selection Process: 

  • Player Eligibility Criteria:
    • All players interested in being evaluated for an All-Star/Tournament team will be required to complete the Player Commitment Form.   All forms need to be signed and returned to the manager at the open clinic.  Completing the form does not guarantee a spot on the team.
    • Candidates must live within the boundaries of Tri-Town LL and need to be on a regular season Tri-Town roster (Seniors, Juniors, Majors or Minors).
    • Candidates must meet the LL age requirements and must possess all LL required age & residency documentation, including an original birth certificate
  •  Selection Process:
    • All-Star Managers are expected to attend regular season games to evaluate potential candidates.
    • In mid May, the League Agents from each division (Seniors, Juniors, American, National, Continental, and Bantam) will compile a list of nominations from the regular season managers.  Players should be recommended based on their sportsmanship, as well as overall performance during the regular season.  Lists should be completed by May 31 and submitted to the All-Star Committee (ASC).
    • Sportsmanship plays a major role in being on a Tri-Town All-Star team.  Poor attitude and behavior will not be tolerated and is reason to reject a candidate’s nomination.
    • OPEN clinics will be held and all interested players are strongly encouraged to attend.   Attending the clinic does not guarantee a spot on the team.
    • After the open clinic, the regular season managers, the All-Star Manager and League Agent will select the team utilizing the nominations from the regular season managers, the All-Star Manager observations from the regular season, as well as the player’s performance from the open clinic.  Members of the ASC will be present at the selection meetings.
    • Final rosters need to be approved by the ASC.   In the event there is not a consensus, the VP of Baseball will assume the role of arbitrator so that rosters can be finalized on time.
    • Alternates will not be used by any Tri-Town All-Star team.
    • Final rosters will be sent out on June 15th in accordance with LL regulations. Note: some tournament teams need their rosters finalized before this time.

  Manager/Coach Selection Process and Team Guidelines: 

  • Manager/Asst Coach Selection Process:
    • Candidates must be in good standing with the league, have excellent knowledge of LL rules, be able to meet extensive time commitments, and managed/coached a Tri-Town regular season team within the division of the All-Star team they want to manage.
    • All coaches interested in managing/coaching a Tri-Town All-Star/Tournament Team will be required to fill out the Manager/Coach Questionnaire .  Coaching candidates who do not submit a questionnaire will not be eligible for consideration.   Forms should be completed and returned via email to the ASC email address [email protected].  All forms must be received no later than May 10.
    • The ASC will review the completed forms and approve all eligible candidates.
    • All candidates may be asked to come in for a question/answer session with the ASC as part of the selection process.
    • Final managerial candidates will be made by the ASC and sent to the President and the Tri-Town Board for approval during the May board meeting.  Managers will be selected for district teams (9/10s, 10/11s, 11/12s, 13/14s) as well as any local LL tournament teams (8s and 9s, etc.).
    • Manager candidates will be asked to sign the All-Star Coach Commitment Form before they are officially named manager.
    • Managers will be announced and posted to the Tri-Town LL website no later than the third week in May.
    • A meeting will be held with the All-Star managers and the ASC to discuss potential Assistant Coaches’ candidates.
    • All Assistant Coaches must have completed the questionnaire and will need to receive final approval by the ASC before being named to the staff.  Once named, a signed All-Star Coach Commitment form is required.
  •  All-Star/Tournament Team Guidelines:
    • Manager and ASC will decide on Assistant Coaches.  Final approvals are made by the ASC.
    • Roster size will be set at a 12 player minimum unless a lower number is approved by the ASC.   [Maximum number as determined by Little League regulations.]
    • Manager should evaluate players during the regular season by attending games and talking to the regular season managers and League Agents to get insights on potential candidates.
    • The ASC reserves the right to name the manager/coach’s child to the team.
    • Open clinics will be held prior to the team being named.  Attending a clinic does not guarantee a spot on the team.   

All-Star Forms 

All-Star Manager/Coach Questionnaire 

All-Star Player Commitment Form 

All-Star Manager/Coach Commitment Form  

2023 Key Dates/Deadlines 

thMay 20, 2023:  All Manager/Coach Questionnaires must be submitted to the All Star Committee for consideration 

May 31th, 2023:  Managers announced 

June 15th, 2023:  All-Star Team rosters announced Open Clinic Dates to be announced

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