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Spring Soccer is right around the corner!! REGISTRATION IS OPEN

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Welcome to Mountaineer United Soccer Club's 2019-2020 Academy / Travel Team Season

Academy Registration is now OPEN for 2019/2020!  Payment plans are available.  This is different from registering for tryouts!

(* NOTE: WV non- residents and/or non-US citizens please see registration note at the bottom of this page!)

For more information, please contact us at:  [email protected]  
(If you are new to MUSC you can get basic registration assistance under the tab "Registration Advice")


2  New items to upload during registration:

1.  New MUSC / WVSA players are asked to upload a photo of their Birth Certificate into Blue Sombrero for age verification.

2.  Please upload a CURRENT photo of your child into the Blue Sombrero system.

Rates for Travel/ Academy soccer have been set for the year, based on activities anticipated for each age group/team.  If a team chooses to do any additional activities, or if they advance to Regionals in the Summer, there will be additional fees to cover these extra expenses. 

MUSC Academy Expectations and Commitment for August 2019 - July 2020 Soccer Year


The “Club” Philosophy

Mountaineer United Soccer Club (MUSC) is a true Club. All players and parents are Club members, and this takes precedence over membership on their individual teams. We ask all of our members to keep this in mind, as they participate in MUSC activities and events. We need to be supportive of all MUSC members and teams, not just the teams on which our children participate. Similarly, the Board must act in the best interests of the Club as a whole, and not specific teams or players. We all share in the Club’s success.

MUSC Academy Philosophy

MUSC has a primary focus to help each child develop and mature as a soccer player, a lifelong soccer enthusiast, and as an individual. The MUSC Player Centered Development Program is about creating an environment where coach and club work together to improve each individual player’s performance in both age and developmentally appropriate settings that are safe, challenging and with suitable competition.

MUSC has adopted the player development guidelines and programs found in the best practices; player development initiatives; and player development curriculum published by US Youth Soccer and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (United Soccer Coaches). MUSC is employing the most comprehensive, holistic, leading edge, player centered, developmental methods used by leading American coaches, coaching education experts, childhood developmental specialist, and successful soccer playing countries across the globe.

We want to provide unique opportunities to our players develop their soccer skills and achieve success while providing a program that fits within a busy family’s other activities!  

What are the BENIFITS of playing at MUSC?

MUSC Benefit Summary:

o   Fees pre-determined for the upcoming season to avoid surprises;

o   Highly licensed Coaches with USSF, USC and other certifications,

o   Lowest comparable Academy fees due to Non-Profit status,

o   Training in Morgantown – minimal travel to meet your family’s busy schedule!

What MUSC Offers:

-          Our Academy Division develops players to their best level by providing high quality training

-          USSF and USC licensed Academy coaches are experienced at both National and International levels;

-          Local training (Morgantown), on grass and turf fields, appropriate for each age group, following USSF and USC guidelines;

-          Averaging 2 sessions per week with games on weekends;

-          Players will attend tournaments throughout the season, which are included in their fees;

-          Camps run by our partner West Ham/GIS. From these, players can be invited to attend West Ham/GIS National camps;

-          MUSC Academy will help you prepare for High School Soccer and College Soccer;

What to Expect: TIME Commitment throughout the year

Please also note that WVSA team rosters are for the ENTIRE SOCCER YEAR (August through July). The soccer year includes three seasons:

Fall (training and matches; Aug–Nov),

Winter (training intensive; Nov-March),

Spring (training and matches; March-July) seasons.

 All players are required to participate in winter training. Academy teams typically train twice per week during fall and spring seasons, and play one game per weekend. Most Academy teams U11-U18 play in the PA West League. Some of the higher-level Academy teams also play in nationally recognized premier leagues such as the Colonial or Buckeye Leagues. Teams also attend one to two tournaments per season, usually within moderate driving distance from Morgantown (but may require overnight stays). Academy teams U12 and above are also expected to participate in the US Youth Soccers’ National Championship tournament, beginning with the West Virginia State Championship tournament in Beckley, WV.


The concept of a “pool” is simply to bring together a larger collection of talent to train together each practice session. The old system of “team” training basically limited training to the same players on individual teams training by themselves. The “pool” system will allow more players to train together through the season, and this will create more opportunity for development.  There are no preset static "team" rosters.  Rosters are determined by the Coach and/or DoC on an event-by-event (e.g., friendly, tournament, State Cup) basis based on many factors.

Why Pools?
Competition breeds development success. Under the previous model of individual team training, players on the top teams did not compete for their playing opportunity day in day out. There really was little competition in training. By “pool” training and having more fluid rosters, you naturally increase the intensity of training. Players naturally feel a desire to compete in a larger pool. This competition results in players training more intensely; meaning at greater speed and precision. There is an old adage that states; “you play as well as you practice.” By introducing a greater competitive spirit in the training sessions, the players will learn to play with greater speed and precision.

What to Expect: Overall Cost Breakdown

Costs vary per team, depending on tournaments, leagues and other miscellaneous costs. While the Club endeavors to keep costs as affordable as possible, The commitment is for the year based on the following fee breakdown:

·        $375-$500 Fall Season

·        $200-$350 Winter Training (mid-Jan - mid-March)

·        $450-$650 Spring Season 


 MUSC Academy Fee Structure:
The MUSC fees are updated based on actual expenses from prior years and recently updated plans for this year:

Cost Breakdown By Ages

U10 and under - $800 for 2019/2020 Season, includes Fall & Spring,

U10 optional activities ,

             $100 for large team tournament ( covers coaching fees & expenses and entry               fee) ,
               $ smaller team event may be less expensive, but includes coaching & activity expenses and any additional  training.
             $200 Winter training  mid Jan- mid March

U11/U12/13/14 - $1400 for 2018/2019 Season - (Tournaments and Winter included/ expected for older ages)


               - training will average 2 days per week, there is a short break between Fall and Winter training. 
               - League play in both the Fall and Spring (the equivalent in friendlies may be substituted per season)            
               - Fall minimal 1 event - likely November, Winter a smaller activity, Spring 1-2 events. 
               - Each team will have high level Coaches and assistants assigned.  Opportunities for specialized training will be available
                  Throughout the season, including Street Soccer, Goalkeeper training and some combined futsal activities.

   note: a second League may be substituted for an Event, OR an Event may be substituted for a League based on best interest
               of the training pool.  Coaches will make the call on this.           
HS Boys - $1300 for 2019/2020 Season

                        - training begins in November 
                        - Includes minimum opportunity to play in 2 Tournaments, WVCRL, friendlies, or equivalent league play and State Cup
HS Girls - $1100 for 2019/2020 Season 
- training begins in November  
                        - Includes minimum opportunity to play in 2 Tournaments, small sided events, and friendlies equivalent to league play.  

U15s are considered HS with the following exception:
  U15s who participate in the Fall will pay full year fees capped at $1400.  This will include training in the Fall and then MUSC High School Age participation beginning in November. (Those who are U15 but not in HS can train with the U13/U14s in the Fall.)

Please note for ALL ABOVE AGES: These fees do not include some items such as uniform purchase or personal travel expenses.  

* If the team chooses to participate in activities beyond those laid out in the team's "initial plan" or if they advance to Regionals, additional fees will apply.

Player Fees and Payment Schedule will be set up during registration.

Financial Assistance - The Club will do everything possible to ensure that no player is unable to play for financial reasons. For

additional information and the Financial Aid Request Form email the MUSC Treasurer at [email protected]



 Ages are now based on Birth Year now- all kids are impacted!  New age groups are as follows :

U8= 2012, U9= 2011, U10=2010,  U11= 2009, U12= 2008, U13=2007,  U14= 2006,

U15= 2005,  U16= 2004, U17= 2003, U18=2002,  U19/20= Aug 1, 2000 - Dec 31,2001



2. YOU will be responsible for:
            - uploading a current picture of your child during registration. Please put a current photo into Blue Sombrero!

            - uploading a photo of your child's birth certificate into the system ONLY if you did not register with us previously.  

Anyone who would like to avoid the payment system by paying the full year in advance, will be allowed to pay this by card OR check prior to registration!  We have reduced the price for payment in full in the Blue Sombrero system by $25 or $35 dollars based on the players age.
We will have representation at Dick's Sporting goods at our "Dick's Days" dates and times TBA  if you would like to pay prior to registering, or show your Birth Certificate in person!


To register simply login to our website at the top right
, OR set up an account by clicking on REGISTER if this is your first time playing with our club.  Make sure to use the players Legal name and correct birthdate when registering, as we will send your registration over to the State System and the records will need to match up!

Non-residents of WV and Non-US Citizens Registration Options:

All Non-Residents of WV and Non-US Citizens
Non-Residents - you will need to get permission from your State to play in WV.  This is done each Summer for the upcoming August - July Soccer Year.  Directions for this will be available at the State website at the following link:

Non-Citizens need to get clearance one time to participate in our club
Directions for this will be available at the State website at the following link:



Player Refunds will only be allowed if approved by the MUSC Executive Board.  Our policy is that we do not refund as we set our Coaching and Season contracts up for the year and expect the same annual commitment from the players.

Coaches, Team Parents, Concession Stand, and other Volunteer Positions. We can’t say this enough- MUSC relies on its volunteers, and Coaches are the face of our club.  This is a great way to get to know other parents, players, and staff, as well as to get involved with the program, or to give back to the program and community.  This is YOUR club, and we hope you’ll be part of it for a LONG time!  There are always needs for volunteers at both the team and club level, and any assistance makes a difference for someone.  For information on positions and to get started, please contact one of the members on the MUSC Board of Directors, or send an email to [email protected]

Coaches will be required to complete a Risk Management Application and a Concussion seminar (both are online and both are free to you!) prior to the assignment to coach a youth recreational team. The Concussion seminar is only needed once every 2 years.


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Youth Academy FAQs

MUSC Academy Program

The MUSC Academy program is for those U10*-U19 players that want to compete at the higher levels of youth soccer. Our Academy teams are coached by certified professionals, train from August through June, and participate in high level travel leagues, such as PA West, WV Country Roads, WV Development, and the Region 1 Colonial League. The focus is on player development in a competitive setting.

* younger players U8&U9 are allowed to participate with approval from the DOC, email [email protected] to get further information!

**ALL Academy Players must sign:

MUSC  Code of Conduct.
 Click here to preview Code of Conduct

WVSA Medical release - this must be Notarized! Click here to preview WVSA Medical release

Q:       How much does it cost and fee explanation? Note: each season's fees are updated on the Youth Academy page.

A:       Please click here for fee explanation.

Q:       What age bracket or team would I play on?

A:       Please click here for a more detailed explanation.

Q:        What should I consider when playing for a team?

A:        The most important consideration is where you will get the training you need to develop. Ultimately this is about improving player skills whether you play in high school, club, ODP, college, or a US National team. Learning the proper skills is one of the most important. The location of the team, the ability and experience of the coaches, and your team mates will also play a role in your selection.

Q:        How do I get on a team/ into a player pool?

Attend tryouts. Most clubs have tryouts for the coming year. Initially, each age group will post a tryout date where players can come train and be evaluated by the team’s coach. Afterwards, the coach, along with the Director of Coaching, will extend offers to players to become part of the player pool. Once a player accepts, registration needs to be completed through an online application and by providing a copy of the player’s proof of birth and other requested documentation.

Q:        What is a Primary Player?

A team is allowed to play for only one club, if the Players Travels that is their primary club and a Recreational team is allowed with WVSA assistance.  The player would be Secondary on the Recreational team.  Primary means that it is their main responsibility to participate if there are scheduling conflicts.  Also, in order to guest play you will be required to get permission from your Primary Coach.

Q:        Can a player play for more than one team?

A:        In the WVSA, a player is NOT allowed to play for more than one travel team. However, they may guest play with other teams pending approval from the coaches of each team.  Players may also play in the club’s recreational program and will be designated as “secondary.”   If this occurs, players must play for their team unless directly approved by the primary team coach.

Q:        What happens if I don’t get approval from my Primary team and participate with another team?

A:        If no approval was given, disciplinary actions may be taken by both the Club and the WVSA. In the worst case situation, a team and club may be considered in violation of recruiting as defined in WVSA Administrative Rule Book, Chapter 3, Section 3.10 and actions may be taken that may include a player’s inability to participate in the remainder of the playing season, and additional actions against the Club found in violation and the related team- specific officials.

Q:        What does a player/parent need to do to register with the Mountaineer United Soccer Club?

A:        At the MUSC website, there is a menu item titled “Registration.” By clicking on this item you will be taken to links the will be designated for Recreational and/or Academy.  Select the link that is appropriate for the level you are playing in MUSC.   By selecting the appropriate link, you will be directed to the state registration site specifically set up for MUSC. Start the process by entering the player’s legal first name and last name as it appears on the proof of birth or passport. A copy of this document used as proof must be provided to one of the Club’s Registrars through the Team’s Manager.

Q:        What if I have trouble registering online?

A:        The Affinity Sports group is on call 7 days a week to assist you.  You can contact them 3 ways, set up a ticket, send an email, or call them.  They are open 7AM to 7PM PACIFIC TIME! so you have until 10pm to catch them on the phone Mondays - Fridays, they close 3:30 PT on Sat & Sun.

 They can help you with all of your registration questions for the Affinity system.  Their phone number is 1 855 703-2571.

Q:        Can the Clubs fees be paid for through the Blue Sombrero registration site?

A:        Yes ALL BASE FEES are now set up as payments when you register.  We do not have accountants or bill collectors on staff so follow-ups on missed payments are tough for the club.  Please do your part by setting up your payments and being responsible for all fees.  MUSC may assess you an additional administrative fee for any follow-up work as it is time consuming.
If you registered and did not participate at all there is a non-refundable fee of $200.

Q:        What happens if I decide to leave my primary team?

A:        This answer can get rather complicated depending upon what the player intends to do after leaving the team. Primary Team Coaches do not have to agree to a release.

·       If a player leaves and does not intend to play elsewhere, a release can be sought and processed through the Club’s Registrar. The Coach must be in agreement with the release and the player must be in good financial standing with the Club.

·       If a player leaves and is looking to play for another team, this is called a Primary Status Release and Transfer. There can be complications with this option and it is best to work through the Coach, Manger, and Registrar when making this request.

·       If a player wishes to switch Primary and Secondary Status between the Academy and recreational teams, there is a process for this, provided that both teams and clubs are in agreement. There can be complications with this option and it is best to work through the Coach, Manger, and Registrar. 


1.     Transfers can have an impact on the ability of a team to play in the National Tournament.   It is necessary to understand these implications before agreeing to transfer either from or to MUSC. Again, all parties should consult with the Club Registrar, team coaches, and the Director of Coaching.

2.     Releases and transfers will only be processed if a player/member is in good financial standing with the current club. All fees must be paid. Any disciplinary issues must be resolved.

3.     Cup teams may not have more than 5 transfers on their roster to be eligible for the National tournament.  If the team is not playing in the National tournament,  more than 5 transfers can be allowed to join the team, if all parties are in agreement an all other rostering/team requirements are met.

4.     Teams must also be able to show eligibility of “Continuation of Team” by having at least 9 players from a roster size of 18 (11 players from a roster of 22) that have played with the team in qualification games.  Teams that are playing in regional or national leagues may have additional considerations.  Again, it is best to consult the club registrar.

5.     Players need to understand all the impacts of leaving a team for a new one within a given season.

Q:        What happens now that I am in a player pool?

A:        Outside of training and playing matches with your team, there are a few things that you can’t do. Once your primary status is determined, unless you have permission from the primary team’s coach, you may not play or talk to another team. If done so without permission, recruiting violations (WVSA Administrative Rule Book, Chapter 3, Section 3.10) may be levied. Please respect this and help keep your club and others out of trouble.

Q:        Can I talk to another team about transferring/training/playing?

A:        A player/parent must be very careful about discussing playing or training with another team once they have committed to a Primary Team.  Recruiting violations per WVSA Administrative Rule Book, Chapter 3, Section 3.10 may be considered and penalties may be assessed.

Q:        What if I don’t reside in the State of WV, can I still play for a MUSC team?

A:        The WVSA also provides directions for handling the out of state processes for all adjacent states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Ohio, we will leave it to WVSA to advise on those out of state processes.

Note:  this process is done / repeated once per year prior to playing in the next soccer year ( Aug-July soccer year).

Q:        What if I was not born in the United States; Can I still play for MUSC?

A:        In most cases the answer is yes, but there are a couple of extra steps required to make it happen. Each non-US player must file for a waiver through the WVSA before being assigned to a team. The waiver application is available through the WVSA website.   Once the waiver application is completed, it must be sent along with a fee to the WVSA for processing. 

note: this process is only necessary one time to continue participation with the same soccer club (recreation or travel)

Q:        Will the team that I am on play out of state?

A:        In most instances for an Academy team, yes. For a recreational team, likely no.  A number of the MUSC Academy teams play in the Pennsylvania West Soccer Association leagues. There are a few teams that also play in the Region I leagues. The coaches and Director of Coaching will make sure your team is playing at the proper level. There is no added paperwork for the player to complete. All additional travel permits and applications will be completed by the team’s manager.

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