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Believe, Work Hard, Achieve.

Believe, Work Hard, Achieve.

Recreational U8 Rules

Games Played 4v4

Law 1. The Field of Play

  • The dimensions of the field shall be between 15 - 25 yds wide and 25 - 35 yds long.
  • Goals shall be 4 ft X 6 ft.

Law 2. The Ball

  • The ball will be a size 3 and be provided by the home team.

Law 3. The Players

  • Two teams play a match, each having not more than 4 players on the field at any given time. There SHALL BE NO goalkeepers. Defenders are not allowed to play "keeper."  All players should be actively engaged in play at all times, and not positioned in the back to protect the goal, or to 'cherry pick' goals.
  • Substitutions can be made at any stoppage in play and are unlimited.

Law 4. The Player’s Equipment

  • Shall conform to IFAB.

Law 5. The Referee

  • MUSC may provide a licensed referee at a level of Grassroots or above, usually with a mentor to assist them.
  • Licensed Referees are not required or even encouraged by the West Virginia Soccer Association (WVSA) for this age group. If no Referee is provided, the coaches can be on the field to coach and referee the match. The kids just need some help with starts and restarts, and some instruction as to what is allowed and not allowed.

Law 6. The Other Match Officials

  • None shall be utilized.

Law 7. The Duration of the Match

  • The match shall consist of 4 equal 8 minute quarters. There shall be 5 minute breaks between quarters.

Law 8. The Start and Restart of Play

  • The opponent’s players must be 10 feet away until the ball is played.
  • The kick-offs may go either  backwards or forward, and must next be touched by a teammate. This is to ensure the attacking team maintains possession for at least two touches. If this does not occur a re-kick shall be taken.

Law 9. The Ball In and Out of Play

  • Shall conform to IFAB.

Law 10. Determining the Outcome of a Match

  • Shall conform to IFAB.
  • No goals shall be scored from kick-offs or kick-ins.

Law 11. Offside

  • There is no offside. “Cherry Picking” is strongly discouraged (to keep everyone involved in the flow of the game) and should be enforced by the referee. Restart with a free kick for the opposing team.

Law 12. Fouls and Misconduct

  • Shall conform to IFAB, with the exceptions that all free kicks are indirect.
  • There shall be no deliberate heading. If this occurs an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the offense
  • The referee/coach MUST explain ALL infringements to the offending player.
  • There shall be no slide tackling at this age group.
  • There are no cards for misconduct, however a player with consistent infringement shall be substituted. After a “cool down” period and having had the reason for the infringement reemphasized, the player may reenter the match.

Law 13. Free Kicks

  • All free kicks shall be indirect with opponents at least 10 feet from the ball until played.

Law 14. The Penalty Kick

  • None

Law 15. The Throw-In

  • Shall conform to IFAB with the exception that in improperly performed throw-in may be retaken once.
  • The second improperly performed throw-in shall result in a kick-in or dribble-in. The kick-in shall be considered an indirect free kick with the opponents 10 feet from the ball until played.

Law 16. The Goal Kick

  • Shall conform to IFAB with the exception that opponents remain 10 feet from the ball until played.
  • Goal kicks should be taken in the general vicinity of the respective goal. 

Law 17. The Corner Kick

  • Shall confirm to IFAB, with the exception that opponents remain 10 feet from the ball until played.
  • Corner kicks should be taken in the general vicinity o f the respective corner.


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