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Age Divisions

Based on changes made by the US Soccer Federation, the FTSA will be modifying their recreational divisions beginning Fall 2016. The USSF has adjusted their age groups to be determined by the player's birth year. The FTSA realizes that creates an issue with players playing with their friends who are in the same grade. Therefore, we will be basing our age groupings by grade and age while trying to follow the new USSF guidelines. 

The youngest players we can accept are players who turned 4 years old the previous calendar year.

Our bylaws permit for players who miss a cutoff to "play up" a division if their birth date is within 3 months of the cutoff date and playing up would keep them with their classmates. Requests to play up must be made in writing on the registration form or by email to the league president.
Divisions are based by grade and are as follows:

U6 - PreK and K (coed)
U8 - 1st grade (coed)
U8 - 2nd grade (coed)
U10 - 3rd and 4th grade (girls)
U10 - 3rd and 4th grade (boys)
U12 - 5th and 6th grade (girls)
U12 - 5th and 6th grade (boys)
U14 - 7th and 8th grade (coed)