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The FTSA shall award an FTSA Scholarship(s) to a Florence Township resident senior(s) entering college/university or any other continuing adult education program in the fall of the awarding year. All applicants must complete all sections of the FTSA Scholarship Application in it’s entirety, including the minimum of 2 letters of recommendation, to be eligible for the scholarship. Applications will be made available on the FTSA website ( in February each year. Completed applications will be due to the FTSA the last week of April with an exact date announced on that year’s application. The FTSA Scholarship Committee will review all applications during the month of May. The recipient(s) will be notified the first week of June.


Fund Allocation

A minimum of one scholarship will be awarded each year. The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each scholarship shall depend on the quantity and quality of the applicants, and the amount of scholarship money donated and earned.



Funds that may be allocated to the scholarship include, but are not limited to, sponsor donations, earnings from FTSA’s Opening Night Event and any contribution made in the name of the scholarship fund. All funds will be held in a separate line item in the FTSA’s annual budget and will not be used to cover any FTSA shortage in other budget line items. The total amount for scholarships will be determined by income received from the above mentioned sources. Any funds in excess of that fiscal year’s commitment shall roll over to the next fiscal year’s scholarship fund.


FTSA Scholarship Committee

The FTSA Scholarship Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of 3 current and/or past FTSA members. Any parent, relative, or guardian of a scholarship applicant cannot serve on the FTSA Scholarship Committee. The FTSA Scholarship Committee shall meet a minimum of once during the month of May to review and select applicants based on a predetermined rubric to score each applicant. The rubric will be made available on the FTSA website along with the application. Prior to committee review, applicant names will be removed to ensure the decision of the committee is unbiased. The committee will determine the number of receipts based on  the quantity and quality of the applicants, and the amount of scholarship money donated and earned

To view the application, please click on the Scholarship drop down and select Scholarship Application.