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League Regulations

RESTRICTIONS-- No Dogs, Smoking or Alcohol is allowed on or near any of our soccer fields.

PLAYER PICK UP-- We cannot be responsible for your children if you fail to pick them up after games or practices. Coaches are not allowed to drive players home. In case of emergency make sure that you have a way of contacting someone with whom you left your child. If you abandon your children at a field, be prepared to pick them up at the police station. This sounds harsh but is for the protection of all the players and our volunteer coaches.

NO JEWELRY-- Players may not wear ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. during games or practices. Referees are not given any latitude regarding this rule. Please do not send you child to a game or practice wearing any such items.

GOALS-- Portable goals are not to be moved off the field to which they are designated. This applies to all coaches at all times.

PARKING-- Properly parking your vehicles is a matter of safety, respect for property and the law. Improper parking will not be tolerated. Please park in proper spots even if that means a few minutes walk to your child's activities. Police will be ticketing at all fields.