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The president is the chief executive officer of FTSA. The President’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Preside over all meetings.

·       Preside over all disputes, investigations and disciplinary actions unless an obvious conflict of interest exists as determined by a majority of the executive committee.

·       Establish and appoint members to committees as necessary to meet the goals of the FTSA.

·       Schedule all regular meetings including reserving appropriate space and informing the Secretary of meeting times and locations far enough in advance for meeting announcements to be distributed.

·       Schedule Executive Board meetings as needed.

·       Provide an updated code of ethics forms for parents, players and coaches for review at the May regular meeting, incorporating comments from that meeting and submitting a final version for approval at the July meeting.

·       Scheduling and representing FTSA at an annual meeting (normally February) with the Township Recreational Commissioner.

·       Preparing and submitting a budget request to the Township prior to the end of the calendar year.

·       Cancel games due to weather or emergencies based on the recommendations of the Field Coordinator. Cancellation of weekday games must be made prior to 3:00 PM and cancellation of Saturday games prior to 8:00 PM Friday night. After those times games may only be cancelled by the referee.

·       Coordinate the purchase and distribution of uniforms and equipment for all recreational teams.

·       Coordinate the development and distribution of recreational league schedules based on inputs from the Games and Referee, Field and Division Commissioners.

·       Recruiting players for the recreational league.

·       Solicit sponsors.

·       Host or identify NJYSA licensing clinics.

·       Ensure that Coaches are informed of licensing requirements.

·       Ensure that coaches not requiring “F” or higher licenses get the NYSCA training required by Florence Township.

·       Establish and keep a file of licenses held by FTSA coaches.



The Vice-President will chair any meeting in the absence of the president and assume the duties of the president in case of absence. In addition the Vice-President’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Accept recommendations for changes to the bylaws throughout the year pursuant to Article 105 and chair the Bylaws committee.

·       Arrange picture day for the recreational season.

·       Coordinate the purchase and distribution of trophies for the recreational league.

·       Maintaining a list of all coaches certified by the Township for standards of liability protection.

·       Assist with other duties as directed by the President.


The Secretary shall preside over meetings in the absence of both the President and Vice-President. In addition the Secretary’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Recording and distributing all official league correspondence, including meeting announcements and agenda.

·       Recording and distributing the minutes of each meeting. Meeting minutes distributed prior to approval will be marked as “draft”.

·       Coordinating elections.

·       Assist with other duties as directed by the President.

·       Maintain list of all disciplinary actions and provide report to Executive Board and Township Recreation Committee.

·       Solicit sponsors in conjunction with an At-Large member or volunteer designated by the president for this function.

·       Accept and maintain Executive Committee Member Transition Plans.


The Treasurer’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Maintain the treasury of the FTSA including any checking and savings accounts.

·       Submit a report detailing receipts, expenditures, and balances for the preceding month at the first regular meeting of each month.

·       Maintain a history of FTSA finances.

·       Issue checks and pay bills as directed by the Executive Committee.

·       Submit request for reimbursement of expense to the Township prior to the end of the calendar year.

·       Assist the President with developing a budget for each calendar year.



The Games and Referee Coordinator shall schedule and oversee the game referees for all divisions of recreational play. The Games and Referee Coordinator may apply discretion for the assignment of referees based on divisions, the relative experience of the referee and the evaluations submitted by the coaches. The Games and Referee Coordinator’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Recruiting and rating referees.

·       Making sure that referees are paid.

·       Maintain records of cards issued to coaches and players and the reasons for those cards.

·       Implement a system for the rating of referees by coaches in all competitive divisions.

·       Provide coaches with a reminder, prior to the start of the season, of the “Laws of the Game”, including potentially card-able offenses, enforcement of the restraining lines and the expected behavior of the spectators.

·       Submit a form for the evaluation of referees prior to the start of the season.


The Field Coordinator shall coordinate the maintenance of the fields used by the FTSA and may designate people to assist. The Field Coordinator’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Order, distribute and store supplies.

·       Organize workdays.

·       Coordinate with any organization where we have playing facilities.

·       Oversee any camps.

·       Set up committees and make appointments to assist in these duties.



The Fundraising Commissioner shall coordinate all fund raising activities undertaken by the FTSA and may appoint committees and other people to assist. The Fundraising Commissioner’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Organize pre-season candy sale fundraiser.

·       Evaluate and coordinate any additional fundraisers proposed by the Executive Committee.

·       Maintain an up to date raffle license for FTSA when permitted by law.


The Travel Coordinator shall serve as the point of contact between the FTA and the Boys Travel Representative and Girls Travel Representative. These two travel representatives shall be designated by the travel team coaches as being responsible for coordinating all teams who are competing in leagues outside of Florence Township. The Travel Coordinator’s responsibilities shall include:

·       Take requests for travel team fundraising activities and relay them to the Executive Committee for approval.

·       Schedule and announce travel team tryouts.

·       Serve as point of contact between FTSA and all travel leagues in which sponsored teams are participating.



The Administrative Coordinatore shall attend the monthly Board Meetings and help make decisions in regards to the running of the FTSA.


The At Large Committee Member shall attend all Board Meetings and be part of the Executive Board.  They will help make decisions and vote on all matters.  They will also help the Fundraising Coordinator with fundraising as needed.

AT LARGE COMMITTEE MEMBER (1 Executive Committee)

The At Large Committee Member shall attend all Board Meetings and be part of the Executive Committee.  They will help make decisions in regards to the running of the FTSA such as the recreational seasons.  They will also help the Fundraising Coordinator with fundraising as needed.



The Training Coordinator shall set up and run the yearly Soccer Camp as well as any other training that is needed for coaches and players throughout the season.  They will attend the monthly Board Meetings.