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Sanford Area Soccer League

Classic Program

Players wishing to play at the most competitive level possible (excluding State ODP) play Classic soccer.  Classic soccer is also a participation league designed to offer the highest level of competition with a continued commitment to player development.  The goal of SASL Classic Soccer is to provide an environment in which the level of competition, commitment and player development are the highest possible.  Teams will participate in one of three levels of competition within Classic soccer:  Second Division, First Division and Premier which is the top level of play in North Carolina.  All new teams will enter Classic play in Second Division.  After a teams’ inaugural season, they are placed in a division dependent upon their overall season record.  They will have opportunities to move up with a successful season or be relegated due to a poor overall record (refer to the Promotion/Relegation policy in the Classic Handbook).  Travel goes anywhere from regional to statewide within this level of play.  Teams traditionally train 2 – 3 times per week year round.  Teams will typically participate in 2 – 4 tournaments per year in and out of NC.  While the focus continues to be development at the Classic level, amount of play time on game day is not guaranteed.  At this level, the best team is put on the field because advancement is based upon wins and losses.  Attendance and participation at practices, commitment to development and attitude all contribute to amount of playing time.

*Players should stay within their age group of play as a general rule of thumb but there will be times when a players’ talent level allows them to play with older age groups.  Players may only “play up” TWO YEARS above their true age group.  Any player that would like to play up MORE THAN two years must have written approval by the SASL Board of Directors.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sanford Area Soccer League

Select & Classic Soccer            



Q:        What is Select and Classic Soccer?

A:         Select and Classic soccer are the next levels beyond recreation.  Where recreation is based solely on fun . . . Select and Classic soccer is based on higher development of players and competition.  With both Select and Classic soccer, a high commitment level from both the player and parents is critical, fees are higher and travel is farther.  Typically travel is limited to around 2 hours, at some levels within Classic soccer teams may play anywhere within the state of North Carolina.


Q:        What is expected of a Select and Classic Soccer player/parent?

A:         A full year commitment and dedication to all team and League activities to include training sessions, matches, tournaments, team building activities, fundraisers, etc. 


Q:        What are the fees associated with Select and Classic Soccer?

A:         Base fees will range between approximately $375-$500/player per year depending on the level of play and age group.  We pride ourselves as being one of the least expensive clubs in that state with most charging in the $1000-$2000 range for travel soccer.


Q:        What do our fees pay for?

A:         The base travel fees go toward the following:


Breakdown                                    Explanation

NCYSA Player Registration            Player registration and Passes

Insurance Fee                                Club Liability Insurance

Administration                                Club administration and expenses

Field Maintenance                      Upkeep of fields, painting, goals, equipment, etc.

Referee Fees                                Per player, per year

Coaching Education                      Continuing education for our coaches

Tournament Fee                            One tournament per year



Q:        Are our uniform kits included in the base fee?

A:         No.  with our partnership with, parents will go to our dedicated page for our travel soccer programs to order uniform kits directly through the website to include our logo and numbers and they will be shipped directly to your home.  You can visit our club page on from our website and then click on the link at the top of the page that says “Club Store”.  Should anyone not have access to the internet, we will help individuals through the process of ordering their uniform kits.  A full jersey kit costs approximately $85.


Q:        Are their scholarship opportunities available?

A:         Yes.  The tryout fee will go toward our tryout expenses and the remainder of the money will go into our Travel Soccer Scholarship Fund.  Applications for scholarships will be available at tryouts and on the SASL website for anyone interested in applying.


Q:        Once tryouts are complete, when will we know if a player has made a team?

A:         Tryout results will be posted on our website no later than the Saturday of the week after tryouts have completed.  If you do not have access to the internet your coach will contact you shortly after the selections are posted.


Q:        If I am selected for a team, when do I have to notify the coach whether I accept the opportunity?

A:         No later than 5 pm on the Monday after the results have been posted.


Q:        If I am selected for a team, when will fees and paperwork be due?

A:         The week after all tryout results have been posted on our website we will have a Commitment Night where all parents and players will come to complete all the necessary registration paperwork, try on jerseys and shorts to determine size and to make the initial payment for the season.  Day of the week for the Commitment Night will be determined prior to tryouts.


Q:        How will I pay my fees?

A:         SASL offers two payment plans:  1 installment or 3 installments.  The first payment of $150 will be due on Commitment Night.  If the 3 installment plan is selected subsequent payments will be due on July 1st and August 1st.  A fifteen (15) day grace period will be allowed but payments will due in full no later than August 15th.  If the full amount has not been collected by August 15th the player’s pass will not be issued/will be pulled and will not be allowed to participate in any team event (practice or match) until the payment is received.


Q:        What method of payment is accepted and when/where do I pay?

A:         You may pay online with debit/credit card or check.  For those that may not have access to the internet and online registration, we will have a pre-determined time and place to make payments on the first of each month when payments are due.