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Sheldon Little League FAQs

Q: When are practices and games?
A: Practices are determined by the team managers in collaboration with the coaches and with other teams, and based on field availability. Prior to the Coaches/Managers meeting, we are unable to share the schedule for practices and games because registration is still occurring. The schedule is determined by the number of teams, which is determined by the number of players, which is unknown until registration closes. Typically, tee ball and coach/machine pitch divisions practice twice per week until games begin and then they may reduce practices to once per week. Tee ball games are typically on Saturday mornings at 9:00 or 10:00. Other divisions' games may be Saturdays or in the evenings on weekdays. Your player's team manager will share the practice and game schedule with the team.

Q: What do I need to do after I register my child(ren) online?
A:  Attend an onsite registration event so your child/children can be fitted for a uniform. 

Q: How many children are on a team?
A:  Typically 10-13 children but can vary.  Majors teams must have equal number of players.  Minor teams can have any number of players.

Q: How are teams formed?
A: Varies but we like to have children play with their classmates.

Q: What is the length of the season?
A: Teams will be formed in mid-March. Practices start anytime when the "first practice" is listed on the calendar to first week of April. Games start mid-April. Games likely stop mid-June, although t-ball could be done as early as June 1. Closing Ceremonies for all teams is end of June at PK Park during an Em's game. 

Q: How many games will my child play?
A: T-ball and A divisions will have 10-15 games scheduled.  AA will have 12-18 games.  AAA and Majors will have 16-24 games.  T-ball, A, and AA divisions will typically play one game during the week on a weekday and one game on Saturday.  AAA and Majors divisions may play two games during the Mon-Fri period and one game on Saturday.  It is also possible that Majors may play a double header on Saturday.

Q: How many practices do you have per week?  Does this change when you start to play games?
A:  Typically 2-3 practices per week, depending upon division/age of children.  Once games start, the number of practices can be altered.  Practices range from 60-90 minutes at the T-ball level and 90 minutes to two hours or more at the Majors level

Q: Where are practices and games?
A: Sheldon area baseball fields.  As some teams can be formed from Coburg, coaches may also hold practices in Coburg.  For T-ball, A, and AA divisions of play, games are played strictly on Sheldon fields  For AAA and Majors, games will be played on fields throughout the Eugene-Springfield-Thurston-Cottage Grove areas.


Q: How long do games last?

A: T-ball games last 3 innings.  A division games last 90 minutes (no new inning will start after 90 min or after 6 innings have been completed).  AA and AAA division games last 105 minutes (no new inning will start after 105 min or after 6 innings have been completed).  Majors games have no time limit but are finished after 6 complete innings have been played.  Regardless of division, all play is stopped at sunset.

Q: What if I have a child in 1st grade and they did not play tee ball?  Should they sign up for tee ball or A division machine pitch?
A: Please speak with an SLL representative about placement.  Typically we encourage at least one year of T-ball, however, there are instances where a player has the skill set to play on a machine pitch team

Q: What equipment do I need for my child?
A: Head to toe uniforms are provided by the league and included in registration fees.  Each child should have a baseball glove, cleats and personal protection gear (cup) for boys.  Optional equipment you can have for your child, baseball bat, batting helmet and baseball bag.

Q: Are coaches provided or are they volunteers?
A: SLL is a volunteer run and operated non-profit organization like all Little League organizations world-wide.  Stated another way, there are no paid positions in Little League.  Please sign up to volunteer on website if you are interested.  Some ways to get involved is coaching, field prep before the season begins, field prep on game days, score keeping, helping with concession stand, helping coaches keep kids on the bench focused during the games, shagging balls during a game, helping run drills during practice, umpiring and helping coaches with other various tasks.  Also, we have vacant board positions for this year or you can join next year’s board members.  As you can see, there are many ways to get involved.  The more volunteers we have, the more smoothly SLL will run and the more fun our children will have while playing baseball. 

Q: What if we live outside the league boundary but my child attends school within the boundary? Can they still play in Sheldon Little League?
A: Yes! If you live outside the league boundary, but your child attends school within the boundary, you may request to play within the league by completing the School Enrollment Form.

Q: Are we required to do fundraising?
A: SLL has 1 major fundraiser, Closing Ceremonies at PK Park.  You will receive more details from your coach during the season.
Closing Ceremonies at PK Park:  SLL pre-sells tickets for Eugene Emeralds baseball game for friends and family.  Your child/children will be recognized on the field with their team along with enjoying an Ems game.  Your child/children will have the opportunity to bond with their team after a season of fun.  On top of everything else, SLL gets to keep a portion of the ticket sales as another fundraiser for the league.

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