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Amherst Athletic Association: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General FAQs 

Q:  Who is eligible to play baseball/softball for Amherst Athletic Association (AAA)?

A:  AAA serves the families of the Amherst School District.  This includes open enrollment, home schooling, preschools, and private schools within the Amherst School District borders.   We also serve the families of Amherst.  This includes residents of Amherst whose kids attend schools outside of the Amherst School District,  and snowbirds if they live in Amherst during the summer.

Q:  My child has never played before.  Can he/she "play down" a level?

A:   Kids are placed in leagues based on their age as of July 31st.   AAA allows a child to play a level below their age group if an educator or mental health professional determines it is in the best interest of the child and that the child due to their age or abilities will not be a risk to other children playing in the lower age group.   AAA must receive approval in writing from a professional before the child will be allowed to participate.

Q:  Can my child "play up" a level?

A:   AAA does allow players to "play up" a level.  However, this is only done in cirmcumstances where talent level excedes the current age group and the case must be brought to the Board of Directors for a decision to be made.   Asking to "play up" a level out of convenience is not allowed.  Decisions on "playing up" will be decided on a case by case basis.

Blastball FAQ's 

Q:  What is Blastball?

A:   Blastball is a league designed for 3 and 4 year olds.   The kids are coached in the basics of catching, throwing, hitting, and running the bases.   They use a soft foam ball and bat,  and hit off of a tee.   Parent participation is encouraged,  and we emphasize good sportsmanship.   The goal of Blastball is for the kids to have fun and our hope is that they develop a life long love of baseball! 

Q:  What equipment does my child need for Blastball?

A:  Your child will be provided a team t-shirt and ball cap.   The bats and balls are also provided.  Batting helmets are not required.   You are welcome to bring a ball glove, but in the past we have learned that the kids tend not to wear them.   Also, the balls are softball sized and don't really fit in the small gloves that the 3-4 year olds can wear.   It's easier for them to learn to stop the ball and catch with their hands.  Basically,  you can just show up - nothing special required! 

Q:   What type of field does Blastball play on?

A:   The Blastball fields are temporary fields set up in a grassy area.   The rubber bases are set approximately 25' apart.   It's just a smaller version of a regular baseball diamond. 

Q:   How many Games/Practices are scheduled for Blastball and when?

A:   Blastball games and practices are scheduled only on Saturdays.   There are typically 2 practices and 7 to 8 games.   The season generally runs from May thru June.   The exact schedule will be provided to you by your coach.

Tee Ball FAQs 

Q:   How many games/practices are there for Tee Ball, and at what times?

A:    Games and Practices are scheduled Mon-Fri after 5pm, and Saturday throughout the day.   We shoot for around 14 games in the season.  The Tee Ball season generally runs from May thru mid-July.   The exact schedule will be provided to you by your coach.

Q:   What types of fields does Tee Ball play on?

A:    For the 2014 season, Tee Ball will be playing on grass fields.  

Q:   What equipment does my child need for Tee Ball?

A:    AAA provides bats, balls, and batting helmets.   Your child will also receive a uniform shirt and hat.  You may be required to purchase baseball pants/socks.   Your coach will let you know what uniform items are needed.   Your child will need a baseball glove and cleats.   You can use soccer cleats if your child already has those.   Optionally, you can purchase a batting helmet for your child if you don't want them sharing with other kids on the team.   

Q:   Can I pick what team my child is placed on?

A:     Returning kids are automatically placed on the same team as the prior season.   If you are new to Tee Ball,  you can request a team, coach, or make a request for your child to play with specific other kids.   Any special requests must be noted at time of registration.   Every attempt is made to honor your requests,  but it may not be possible due to team size constraints. 

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