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AYSO Region 73, Bakersfield Southwest, 9001 Ashe Rd.

Region 73 Pet Policy

Dog Owners: Please Leave Fido at Home

There have been issues in the past with leashed and unleashed dogs on and near the soccer fields. This poses several specific problems for our soccer players, spectators, and your beloved pet.

Unleashed dogs (and those who’ve slipped the leash) can and do run out onto the field of play, distract players from the game, and could possibly cause falls and injuries.

Dogs on the field of play may become overexcited and accidently bite a player, spectator, or referee.

A ball being kicked or kicked at could possibly injure your pet.

Some players are afraid of dogs and others are allergic to them. Remember our soccer fields are a Kids Zone.

This is a safety issue: loose dogs and even leashed dogs near the fields have the potential to cause serious problems.

You pet may leave surprises in the park that players, coaches, and referees do not wish to step on or fall in.

If your pet is causing a disturbance on or in the vicinity of the field of play, you will be asked to take the pet to the parking lot.

In consideration of all our players, volunteers, and spectators, please leave your pet at home.