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AYSO Region 73, Bakersfield Southwest, 9001 Ashe Rd.


U5 Parent Letter
2016 Jamboree Schedule

Fri. Aug. 19- Opening Night
Fri. Aug. 26- Week 2
Fri. Sept. 2- Week 3

Fri. Sept. 9 - Week 4
Fri. Sept. 16 - Week 5
Fri. Sept. 23 - Week 6
Fri. Sept. 29 - Week 7 
Fri. Oct. 7 - Week 8
Fri. Oct. 14 - Week 9
(Picture Pick-up & Medal Ceremony)

All Friday Sessions - 6:00 pm



Region 73 Jamboree (U5) Program

            Jamboree Program Director:

Welcome to Region 73! We abide by the AYSO philosophies of Balanced Teams, Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching, Open Registration and Good Sportsmanship. Our Jamboree (U-5) policies and procedures are established along with National AYSO guidelines to ensure that all children can play soccer in a Fun, Fair and Safe Environment. We want to thank-you in advance for giving your time and effort in service to our Jamboree program. 

The Jamboree program is for both boys and girls. The boys and girls will be assigned to teams; however, there are no assigned coaches nor are there mid-week practices. 

> The training sessions will be held on Friday Nights at 6:00 pm at the State Farm Sports Village. All children will report to the field area adjacent to the AYSO Concession Stand.

> The training session is approximately 50 minutes in length with each sessions containing three modules. The first two sessions will be training modules with the last session being a short sided scrimmage game. 

> The Jamboree program will have a master instructor who will oversee the training sessions/clinics. The instructor will explain and demonstrate the elements in each of the modules. Participation is necessary, so we encourage parents, grandparents, and siblings to become involved and participate with the child. It is the child's parent or family member who will serve as mentor to the child and assist them in the drills and modules.

> Each child should wear their uniform to the Friday evening sessions/clinics. They should also bring with them a size 3 soccer ball, soccer and/or tennis shoes, shin guards and water. 

> No shoes with a toe cleat are permitted for play. Shins guards must being worn at all times while training and playing in the short-sided games.

Any questions please contact

Please remember we are all here for the kids!