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AYSO Region 73, Bakersfield Southwest, 9001 Ashe Rd.

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Why does AYSO recommend no Goalkeepers in U8 play?

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A Parent's Guide to AYSO
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Home team will sit on the North or West side of the pitch depending on the pitch orientation.

All parents please do not bring dogs to the soccer fields and please if a referee asks you to take them to the parking lot, please do so. Please see out Pet Policy on the right. Supporters and parents please keep the comments to the players positive and don't yell at the players. Help control this behavior if you hear or see it.

Players, please NO jewelery, ABSOLUTELY no earstuds and earrings.
No glitter, no eye shadow stripes (of any color), no bows, no hairpins, no hair clips, no combs or hard plastic/metal hair restraining devices.
No rubber band around the wrist, arm bracelets, yarn bracelets, etc.

Please come with the minimum required uniform attire to play a game of soccer. We are concerned about the safety of players and anything that is decorative and unnecessary please don't bring or use it during the game.

Parents, Please Volunteer!

Region 73 needs help from lots of grown-ups to make its program work.  For every game we play, there are 20 kids and 13 adults directly participating.

On the adult side of the equation there are four adults in coaching roles, three as referee or assistant referees, two team parents, two people bringing snacks, and people for setting up or taking down the nets. Add to this board members, and coordinators and you'll have to reach the same conclusion we have: We need at least one adult volunteer from every family.


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