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As a Referee you will enforce the AYSO Philosophies of—

·         Everyone Plays

·         Positive Coaching

·         Good Sportsmanship

A referee enforces the rules of the game—of course! But our refs are also responsible to see that the rules of our league are carried out.

Know Rules of the Age Division

Our younger players can’t follow all the rules. For the smallest ones, it’s a big accomplishment to know what end of the field is their goal. We adjust the rules accordingly. Refs who work in more than one division (many if not all of you) should know the differences and how to apply them.

Referee Duties—Before, During and After the Game

Before the game

  • Arrive 15 minutes before game time
  • Check field for any debris or holes (ask parents to help clear and fill)
  • Line up players from each team to check for shin-guards (can not play without), rubber cleats or sneakers, no steel spikes, and no jewelry.
  • Jerseys shall be tucked in (best way to monitor holding during play) and worn over any sweatshirts
  • Confirm roster cards and monitor number of quarters played and track the goalkeepers
  • Call captains to centerfield to flip coin, winner may selects which end of the field to attack, loser kicks off
  • Keep the game on schedule.  There are lots of games on Saturdays, and a delay early in the day will push back all of the games.


During Game

  • Check roster cards at end of each quarter.
  • If improper rotation, call coach to centerfield to correct. No player shall play a third quarter until everyone has played two. And no player to play fourth period until everyone has played three. No one may play goalkeeper for four quarters.  If a player plays the keeper position for three periods, he must play a field position in the fourth period.
  • If unsportsmanlike coaching from sidelines by coaches or parents, correct as necessary to keep the game from getting out of control. You may relieve coach of his position for the remainder of the game or ask a board member to remove an unruly parent if necessary. 


Post Game

  • Players and coaches shall line up at centerfield to shake hands
  • Collect roster cards and turn in to Referee Coordinator
  • Report any problems to Referee Coordinator
  • Return the ball to the team that supplied it or to the referee shack where you picked it up
  • Retrieve flags from Assistant Referees