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Positive Coaching is One of the Five Philosophies of AYSO

We expect coaches to take this seriously!


Here’s where you teach the game. Understand the level of your players. You can’t teach the whole thing in one season. Focus on one or two skills that are age appropriate. Reinforce and praise good performance. Be patient when correcting a player.

We want to advance the skills of all players, not just the stars. This is the reward of being a coach: seeing all your players shine after a season of hard work.



Sure, everyone wants to win but not at the expense of excluding a player. We are here for the kids and to help them play the game. We want each kid to say they had fun at the end of a game and practice. It is the kid’s game. They should work hard to win. The coach wins if the kid’s learned something about soccer and sportsmanship, regardless of the score! 

Limit your teaching during the game. That’s what practices are for. Give encouragement and take notes so you can work on skills at the next practice. This is the kid’s time. 

Here are some rules to follow:

  • Coaches must have a roster for each game and give it to referee.

  • Players must play all positions. Rotations are made between quarters, never during the quarter (unless there is an injury).

  • Players should be in the game at least three quarters. If you have too many players, you are required to balance it out. No player should play three or four quarters every week while others are playing two.

  • Make sure your players have proper equipment.


Running Your Team

It is up to you to set a positive tone for your team. Always be respectful of your players, opposing players, other coaches and refs. Make sure your players and parents show the same respect at all times. Be enthusiastic. Work your team hard, but always have fun! 

Get some help with your duties! Get a co-coach and as many assistants as possible. Let your team parent do the calls. Focus on positive coaching.