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We hope to form four all-star teams.  (1) 12U team made up of mostly 12-year-olds, (1) 11U team made up of mostly 10- and 11-year-olds, and (2) 10U teams made up of mostly 9- and 10-year-olds.


All players will be required to tryout for All-Stars.  Refer to the league schedule for the tryout schedule.  If a player cannot attend tryouts, they should contact their coach immediately.  Players will be nominated by his/her coach to attend tryouts.  Prior to attending tryouts, the players parents should review the information below and assure the player can make the commitment level needed for the team.  The coaches and board members will select the best players for each team based on their league and tryout performance.    


It’s important for us all to understand that participating in Tournament Play is a choice, and that while it is a privilege to play, it is also a commitment with added practices and games.  Teams will usually practice 4-6 days/week until the district tournament.  Players need to be available to attend practices and must be available during the actual tournaments.  


All-Stars will cost $125-$150 to cover uniforms, and entry fees.  Scholarships are available (and will remain confidential).


The SSLL board will consider applications to coach and confirm coaches for each of our teams.

TOURNAMENT TIMEFRAME (below is for 2024 - 2025 dates may vary slightly)

Practices - ~ June 1st to date below. Practice will usually start the day after selection until the Tournament game(s): 

The District 13 Tournament timeframe is:
June 24th- July 3rd   Little League (Majors) Tournament -Location TBD
June 24th- July 3rd      10-11 Year-Old Tournament -Location TBD
June 24th- July 3rd   9-10 Year-Old Tournament -Location TBD

The Washington State Tournament timeframe is tentatively below:  Please note, the dates listed are to the end of the tournament.  We will stay until we win the tournament or lose 2 games, whichever happens first.
Practices    Practice will usually start the day after winning District until the Tournament game(s): 
July 13th - 19th  Little League (Majors) Tournament -Location TBD
July 20th - 27th 10-11 Year-Old Tournament -Location TBD
July 20th - 27th 9-10 Year-Old Tournament -Location TBD

The Northwest Region Tournament timeframe tentatively is:
August 6th - 12th  Little League (Majors) Tournament - San Bernardino, CA

The World Series Tournament timeframe is:
August 17th - 28th Little League (Majors) Tournament - South Williamsport PA


Aside from age eligibility, which needs to be verified by birth certificate, players will also be asked to prove residency, either through a school enrollment form signed by your principal (if the school lies within our league’s boundary) or through a combination of documents.  

In preparation for the All-Star season, we want to make sure that players and parents know what to expect. Please take the time to review these requirements with your player. Selection to the All-Star team is a significant time commitment and players are expected to attend nearly all the practices and games.
1. Players must have participated in 60% of the regular season games
2. Players must live within SSLL boundaries (see Little League Website for requirements)
3. Parents will provide proof of residency documents within 10 days of All-Star roster notification
4. Parents will provide an original government issued birth certificate within 10 days of All-Star roster notification
5. Player will attend weekend practices starting after the team is announced and daily practices after the regular season is over - typically occurring 4 to 6 days a week
6. Parents will communicate in advance of the selection process, the dates player can’t attend practice or games
7. All-Stars playing time and positions are not guaranteed beyond the minimum requirements established by Little League, which could be as little as one at bat and no time in the field
8. All-Stars may cost between $125 to $150 to cover uniforms, and entry fees. Scholarships are available (and will remain confidential)
9. District 13 tournament start dates and locations listed are subject to change.  You are expected to attend all games. 
11. If your team wins the District 13 Tournament, your commitment will be extended to participating in the State Tournament (and possibly beyond for the Majors bracket), including practices. State Tournament dates and locations listed below are subject to change. 
12. Travel and other expenses may be incurred if the team advances beyond the District 13 Tournament. Parents understand that they will be financially responsible for all travel expenses.
13. By registering your child to play on this team you certify that you will meet the listed requirements. While my All-Star Team may not advance through District, State or Regional tournaments, I agree to not schedule other activities that will interfere with my player’s ability to attend practices and games during the tournament period. If we have something planned already, we will notify the coach immediately. We also understand that being part of an All-Star team is a large commitment, with no guarantee of playing time or position. These decisions are solely at the discretion of the All-Star Manager. Some players who played most innings during the regular season, may be asked to play a different role on the All-Star team. This may include playing a different position, participating in fewer innings, and/or having less at bats. We also understand the minimum play time could be as little as 1 at bat, with no play time in the field. The All-Star player must agree to play the position the Manager assigns and to do so with a positive attitude at all times.

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