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 Minors Divisional Rules

The Cal Ripken Minors Division, a division of Babe Ruth League inc. is a baseball program for boys and girls that are 8-10 years old as of April 30th.  

The Minors Division is designed to enhance learned skills and help players learn the next level of baseball.  As players continue to work and develop on their baseball skills, this level of play is set up to primarily help start teaching players how mental baseball is. Identifying plays, run paths and timing. This is also the first division of full kid pitch and will really develop catchers and pitchers. Minors Division will use the Cal Ripken stamped baseballs and is a single umpire division.


1. Players must attend practices to be eligible to participate in the games.

  • All players must be listed in your batting order and bat their turn in the order whether they have played in the field or not.
  • Traditional 9 baseball positions will be fulfilled on the field which leaves a few players in the dugout each inning.
  • The catcher takes their normal position.    

This now means 9 players have been placed on the field defensively.  The extra players in the batting order will be placed in the field defensively after the first inning.

Using this concept, no player is permitted to sit on the bench more than once unless a special situation warrants such action and is usually an injury.  This allows all players to take part in almost the entire game.  At this age level it is most important players actively participate every moment, even within the dugout, cheering on team and being able to identify plays, balls and strikes, staying active with the counts and involvement in the game.

2. Only rostered players, a head coach and up to three (3) assistant coaches shall occupy the bench/dugout during the game. A bat boy/bat girl (helmet required at ALL times) may also occupy the bench at the discretion of the Head Coach. ALL team/league volunteers must take and pass the USA Baseball BASE Certification before being allowed to practice or coach team.

3. The use of tobacco and alcohol are prohibited by Babe Ruth League, Inc. and CYBA.

4. Throwing of equipment, emotional outbursts, malicious conduct, and threats will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Violations will result in immediate disciplinary action up to and including ejection from the game and / or suspension. This includes accidental throwing/releasing of the bat while in the batters box. If occurs player and coach will be warned on first offense, called out during second offense, subject to ejection on third offense. 

5.    It will be the coach’s responsibility to control the player(s), team parents and fans. Failure to do so may result in the coach’s ejection and / or forfeiture of the game. If you are experiencing difficulties or concerns with a parent this MUST be presented to the CYBA board immediately.

6.      Any player, coach, or official ejected from a game will be considered under suspension and be ineligible for future competition unless reinstated by the Board of Directors of CCYB/ League President(s).

Game Length and Starting Times:

1.      Games will be six innings with no new inning beginning at 1hr 30 mins from start of game time. -- Games that are not immediately followed by a second game for either team may proceed to finish the last inning with no drop dead game time.

  • If either team participating has a game immediately following, a drop dead game time of 1hr 45mins from the start of game time must be enforced
  • Umpire in chief shall notify the official scorekeeper of the official start time of each game.
  • If the game is tied after completing six innings or reaches the time limit, the game will remain a tie (for regular season only).

2. The home team shall provide the Official Scorekeeper and official Scorebook for each game. The Official Score must be kept in the appropriate books for accurate reference.

3. The home team shall provide the umpire with 2 game balls for the regularly scheduled game, Game balls are to be retrieved from umpire after each scheduled game. 

4. 15-run mercy rule will be in effect after two complete innings (1 ½ if the home team is ahead after the top of the inning) & 10-run mercy rule will be in effect after three complete innings (2 ½ if the home team is ahead after the top of the inning).

5. If a game is called before it has become a regulation game and the umpire declares it “no game”, the pitching eligibility will still count as if that game had been played. Pitches thrown will still count against a pitcher.

6. Protests of rule violations must be declared to the Home Plate umpire at the time of the occurrence and must be reported to the league President, or Vice President immediately after the game. Upon protesting of the game, the umpire shall announce to both teams that the game is being played under protest and state the reason why. The protest must also be documented in the Official Scorebook of that game. Protests of judgment calls are not permissible.

**Make up games will be determined by the board and fellow associations participating in  the same district league.

7. Teams with 10 or more players MUST use either Option A or Option B below for all regular season games. For the end-of-season tournament teams MAY utilize Option A or Option B, but it is not required to do so.
A.)  Teams must utilize an extra player (EP) provided the team has 10 players available for the game. Teams shall not “add” the EP after the game has started, for example if a child arrives late.
The team also will not be allowed to remove the EP position in the batting order once the game has started, unless injuries, sickness, or the player has a school event that they have to leave early for, has reduced the number of available players to 9. In the case of injury, sickness, or school event the EP position may be removed from the batting order WITHOUT forfeiture or an out.

This rule is designed to allow more players the opportunity to be involved in the game. The EP is considered a starting player and may be removed from the game and re-enter once at any defensive position, provided the same spot in the batting order is occupied and his substitute isn’t in the line-up at the same time.

B.) A team may bat the entire line up if they desire to do so. In the case of injury, sickness, or school event that position may be removed from the batting order WITHOUT forfeiture or an out.

8. Each and every player on the team MUST play 6 outs in the field and a minimum of one at bat. Failure by the coach to do this will result in a warning the first time and team forfeit plus suspension of coach by the board on the next occurrence. If a game is shortened due to playing conditions or a mercy game, the players that didn’t get their 6 outs or at bat are to start the next game.

9. Re-entry rule will be in effect. Any of the starting players may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered once. When re-entered, the player must occupy the same batting position as he occupied when starting the game, i.e., as starting player and his substitute cannot be in the game at the same time. A substitute withdrawn from the game can never re-enter the game. A starting pitcher may re[1]enter one time as a pitcher provided the pitcher remains on the field of play in another position and was removed on the first trip of the inning. A starting pitcher that is removed from the field of play may re-enter as a position player only, as long as the aforementioned provisions are adhered to. Any pitcher removed from pitching on the second trip of an inning may not re-enter as a pitcher. Starting pitchers withdrawn from the field of play are eligible to re-enter as a position player only.

10. Coaches may not physically aid a runner while the ball is in play. In the event of a violation the touched runner shall be called out and the play will be called dead. Runners will be placed at the last base legally touched prior to the infraction.

11. While Cal Ripken baseball doesn’t employ a mandatory slide rule, it is highly recommended that players slide into any base at which a play is being made to avoid contact. The umpire will have sole discretion to determine if a play was impeded by a non-sliding player. At that time the umpire may call the runner out and declare the play dead.

12. Contact Rule: If a runner attempting to reach home plate intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of home plate, he will be called out on the play and ejected from the game. The objective is to penalize the offensive team for deliberate, unwarranted, unsportsmanlike action by the runner for the obvious purpose of crashing the defensive player, rather than trying to reach home plate. Obviously, this is an umpire’s judgement call.

13. Players shall be confined to the dugout before, during, and after games. Discipline is the responsibility of the team manager and fraternizing with parents should not be allowed during the game.

14. Any rule not covered by the CYBA Rules and Regulations is addressed by the Babe Ruth League, Inc. Baseball rules and Regulations and Official Playing Rules. 

 *Rules are subject to change during tournament play, as host of the set tournaments provide the set rules. These rules tend to vary slightly when it comes to leading off, stealing, and 3rd  dropped strikes.

* Any player, coach, or official ejected from a game will be considered under suspension and be ineligible for future competition unless reinstated by the Board of Directors of CYBA/ League President(s).


Pitch counts and rules:


Pitch Counts vs. Rest Period

Age    Max     0 Days Rest     1 Day Rest    2 Days Rest

7-8        50              1-20                  21-35                36+

9-10    75              1-40                  41-65                66+

11-12      85             1-40                  41-65                66+

1. League Age 7-8 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 50 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, he may continue to pitch until that current batter reaches base safely or is put out, then must be removed from pitching.

2. League Age 9-10 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 75 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until that current batter reaches base safely or is put out, then must be removed from pitching.

3. League Age 11-12 - Pitcher shall not deliver more than 85 pitches in the same game or on the same day. Exception: If the pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until that current batter reaches base safely or is put out, then must be removed from pitching.

4. CYBA recommends coaches develop as many pitchers as possible on their team and even get them game action, where warranted. The intent is to develop pitching skills of the younger age ball players to help prepare them for future competition. Exceeding a players set pitch count limits will result in review by CYBA board and action taken. CYBA will NOT TOLERATE exceeding the above set limits and regulations. 

5. NO pitcher, age 10 and under, will be allowed to throw curveballs. If a pitcher throws a curveball, it will be considered a NO PITCH. Upon the first curveball thrown, the player will be given a warning from the umpire. Second curveball, the Coach will be given a warning. The third curveball, the player will be removed from the mound. This will be up to the umpire to make the call on if the pitcher is deliberately throwing curve balls. This Rule WILL APPLY during the year end tournament as well.

6. Managers or coaches are allowed two trips to the mound per pitcher, per inning. Upon the second trip in an inning to the same pitcher, the pitcher must be removed from the game as a pitcher only and may not re-enter as a pitcher.

7. Games in which an ineligible pitcher has been used shall be declared forfeit. The withdrawal of an ineligible pitcher after the pitcher is announced or after a warmup pitch is delivered but before the pitcher has pitched a ball to a batter shall not be considered a violation.

8. ALL coaches will be required to supply the opposing team, before the game starts, their line-up card with a list of pitchers who have pitched within the previous 3 days prior and also with the total number of pitches thrown in those previous 3 days.

Division Specific Rules:

1. A maximum of six (6) runs will be allowed in each half inning of a Minors 60’s division game. When the seventh (7th) run is scored no other runs will be counted on that play unless the ball has left the field of play as a result of a ground rule double, dead ball out-of-play, or home run, in which case all appropriate runners may score.

2. Base runners shall not leave their bases when the pitcher has the ball and is in contact with the pitcher’s plate. When a base runner leaves the base early, and the ball is put in play, the play will continue until over. If the base runner or runners are put out, the out(s) will stand. If the base runner safely reaches the base he is trying to advance to, all runners will be returned to the base they occupied before the pitch was thrown.

  • The intent of the rule is to not allow the offensive team to gain an unfair advantage. In the event of a runner leaving early and the batter putting the ball in play, the umpire will allow the play to continue and at the end of the play, place the runners on the bases that are reasonably appropriate. Any outs recorded during the play will stand.
  • In the event of a successful hit, the umpire shall place the hitter / runner based on the relationship of the other hitters (i.e.: if the other runners advance one base, the hitter should be placed at first base. If the other runners advance two bases based on the umpire’s discretion then it would seem reasonable to place the hitter on second base).

3. When the pitcher is in contact with the pitcher's plate and in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcher's box ready to receive delivery of the ball, base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached home plate. After a pitch or play, once the pitcher has secured the ball and the runner has stopped his/her forward progress, the runner must immediately return to the base. Pitcher can have control of the ball whether he/she is on the mound or not. Penalty for breaking rule 24. First warning: The runner will be asked to return to the base. Second offense: The runner will be called out. This rule is to be enforced by the umpires only.

4. There is no dropped third strike rule. The batter cannot advance to first on a dropped third strike, it is simply strike three. All other base runners may advance at their own risk. This rule will be enforced in regular season and in tournament play.

5.  In Minors 60’s division only; if a pitcher issues 3 walks in a row, in one single half inning then a coach will step in and throw strikes to batters to finish out inning. The pitcher will stand next to the coach and still field his position. The coach is not to be involved in a defensive play on a batted ball. This rule is in place to keep pace of play up and keep offense as well as defense engaged in the game.

Playing Field Specifications:

1.      Standard playing field conditions apply. Field is to be set to 45/60 (45’ from the tip of home plate to the back of the pitchers plate/ 60’ from the back of home plate to the back of first base, 60’ will continue for each base line.

2.      If a ball is stuck, went through an opening/ hole, or deemed in an unsafe location pursuing player shall raise their hands, signaling retrieval of the ball is deemed unsafe. The umpire shall make the call for a dead ball.

3.      If any field condition is deemed unsafe, needs inspection, or possible upgrades/changes it is to be reported to CYBA immediately for review and possible delay of game.


1. The umpire will be provided by the league.

2. Umpire may stand behind the catcher or behind the pitcher in the field.  

3. Calls, remarks, and general disregard for the set umpires will result in ejection from the game and review of CYBA board and future participation. This is a NO TOLERANCE policy and will be acted upon as such. ANY and ALL signs, communication, or actions against the umpires shall be reported promptly as to be corrected immediately.

Playing Rules:

Games will be played by Official Baseball Rules and Regulations, with Babe Ruth League Cal Ripken Division amendments and CYBA league provisions. Official Baseball rules

Pitching, Catching, Running the bases, and Identifying plays are the primary objectives of this division.

Apparel required: 

CYBA Players will be provided a team hat and shirt. These must be worn during the games to participate. 

They may wear sweat pants, joggers, or baseball pants.  Absolutely NO shorts.  We want to help protect the players.

A baseball glove.

Closed toed shoes or plastic cleats are acceptable.  NO metal cleats or spikes, NO flip flops, crocs, or open toed shoes.

No jewelry, neckless, watches, etc. unless deemed to be needed as a safety concern.  Sunglasses may be worn during play Except by the pitcher so there are no distractions between batter and pitcher. 

After the last game, Coaches may present certificates or awards, but must refrain from giving awards to players on the basis of comparable skills or accomplishments. You can find a CYBA print out version HERE

All games will be held within available Caldwell Parks under the agreement with the City of Caldwell Parks and Rec


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