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CYBA Basic Coaching Guidelines

Below are the links to the rules per division and expected coaching rules. Please read through these rules thoroughly and reach out with any questions or concerns to your assigned Divisional Director. Tball and Coach pitch divisions are "lower" divisions, where as all other divisional questions will be directed to your Upper Division Director.  Click here to view all board contacts and information.
Please remember these rules are here to guide and keep all teams under the same guidelines. If any additional or mistaken rules are present on the field, contact your divisional director immediately. 

Important rules to remember as a coach: 

1. SAFETY- Players and coaches safety is #1. As a coach we must always be aware of our surroundings and the safety of our players and parents. Ensure all equipment is complete and provides proper protection to the wearer. The dugouts must be maintain good housekeeping, keep them clean, tidy, and organized. This will not only provide a safe area for the players and coaches but will also keep players prepped and ready for inning changes, batting orders, and player gear not lost or stolen. 

2. LEADERSHIP- CYBA requires coaches and players to provide and maintain a professional image during all league activities. Coaches and Players must display enthusiasm, respect, honesty, and fair play. Coaches and Players must follow all league game rules, encourage appropriate behavior by players and fans, maintain a safe game environment, and consider the physical and emotional well-being of players above all else. Remember your players are future adults, future leaders, and hopefully future coaches! The way we present and react on the fields is closely watched and recognized. 

3.  MANDATORY PLAYCal Ripken mandatory play rule requires that every player present at the start of a game must participate in the game for a minimum of 2 innings on the field(6 defensive outs) and at least one at bat. This is mandatory and serious penalties apply for the failure to comply.
Review Cal Ripken's Official Rulebook for information on the rule and penalties.

Caldwell Youth Baseball Association expects its Coaches to exceed this minimum play requirement through the use of the continuous batting order (CBO) and the concept of equal playing time.

4. Rainouts/ Lightening -  CYBA plays most of the games on fields controlled and maintained by  Caldwell Parks & Recreation and is subject to its rules. These rules apply to both games and practices. 
  • If stepping on the infield produces a 1" deep or greater water-filled footprint or when running produces the same result, then play is not permitted.
  • If lightening is present the fields must be evacuated and the game will be called by the umpire or lower division coaches. 
  • If there is any doubt, always choose not to play. Failure to follow this policy can result in fines, assessment of damage charges and cancellation of current and future participation.
  • If CYBA or Caldwell Parks and Rec does not close your field, it is the responsibility of Coaches to determine if a field if playable. Please remember that safety is the most important priority. Do not play if unsafe (e.g., baseball too slippery to control, field too slick to run safely). We know it can be hard for players and coaches to have to call off a game or practice due to field conditions. But if your field is visibly soaked, muddy, and/or you sink down an inch or so when standing on the grass, you're required to postpone your game until conditions are favorable. Otherwise, you risk injury to yourself and other players - and it creates ruts and lousy conditions on the fields for the rest of the busy playing season ahead! The conditions of fields will vary across the city. Please use your best judgement when arriving at park fields for scheduled games.


  • Get organized; develop a plan, visit the printable tools page for batting orders, field positions, practice plans and more, develop a plan before your practices and game.
  •  Remember to present your material in kids’ terms. Successful coaches know their audience and use analogies and common visual imagery for their coaching tools. For tee ball and coach pitch players, these images are best when they are a bit dramatic.
  • Don’t assume anything. Go over all the basics: Where all the bases are and the defensive positions, which way to run to first, when to start and stop running, how to hold a bat and glove, number of outs, innings, fouls etc.
  • Remember to be a coach on the field and a parent off the field. If possible have your assistants instruct your son or daughter to avoid conflicts. This is one of the most difficult things to achieve as a coach and parent, be patient and continue to instruct all players with the same deminer. 
  • Coaches need the assistance of their players' parents. Parents are usually willing to help out but are usually reluctant to come forward unless asked to assist. If you give them specific things to do, they will be more comfortable.
  • On the field, you have to be a teacher as well as a coach. Teach them what they need to know, show them what you taught them, practice the things you taught them over and over, then be prepared to do it all over again.
  • To make the most of your practice time, break the team up into two or three groups, depending on the number of coaches. This will enable you to keep more kids occupied and less bored. Remember the attention span of a children is measured in minutes.
  • During games, sit the players on the bench in the batting order. It is helpful to bat by uniform number order and use the same batting order all season so that kids know who they follow. If the fifth batter is the last batter of a game, have the sixth batter bat first in the next game.
  • Keep the parents informed as much as possible.

 CYBA  does provide trophies, medals or other participation awards at the end of each season. However, teams are free to recognize their own players and volunteers as they see appropriate. Please note that CYBA prohibits giving awards to players on the basis of comparable skills or accomplishments .Visit the pintables page above to access CYBA created customizable certificates. Honor certificates, team pictures, inexpensive medals, or pins give adequate recognition and providing lasting mementos. Please reuse game balls as long as possible, do not pass these out to players.

Players appreciate small rewards after practices or games. You can recognize players by handing out gum, baseball cards, or other small items to recognize players for their performance, hustle, spirit, teamwork, etc. This can also include after game snacks and keeps players and parents excited to be a contributor to the team moral. CYBA promotes healthy eating habits, HERE are some healthy options to consider. Keep in mind of any food allergies and food safety, all perishables must be kept cool until consumed. 

Reminder for Coaches - Must complete

Reminder for coaches that once you have a registered as a coach an email has been sent with the following tasks to complete before you are eligible to become a CYBA youth baseball coach. please review the checklist below and complete asap. 

  • Completed registration to coach under the Volunteer tab above. once complete, review the email sent. 
  • Please note if you are interested in applying for a Select League team coach, an interview will take place by board members for selection, as we will only have one select team per division. All select League coaches are still held to the same standards below.
  • Become "BASE" Compliant
    1. Visit Base Compliant tab , under coach tools. complete requirements to proceed.
    2. Continue through the Base Compliant checklist to complete background check. 
  •  Email confirmation and contact from CYBA Board members will take place after completion to begin coaching. 
  • Mandatory coaches clinic will be scheduled and text confirmation sent. 
  • Once clinic is completed, gear and teams will be dispersed and practice may begin asap. 


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