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Coach Pitch League 


The CYBA Coach Pitch league is a baseball program for boys and girls that are 6-7 years old as of April 30th.  

The coach pitch division is designed to help players learn the next level of baseball.  As players continue to work and develop their baseball skills, this level of play is set up to primarily help start teaching players how to hit the ball from a live pitcher.  The goal is to have them start reading the ball from the pitcher’s hand and work on timing.   Also, in this division players that are league age of 7 years old will have the opportunity to start developing pitching if they choose to.  Coach pitch will use the original soft TBALLs to help protect the player and take away the fear of being hit by a ball.  


  1. Players must attend practices to be eligible to participate in the games. Coaches are required to communicate to the Lower Divisional Director if a player will not be playing due to lack of practice participation.

    2. All players are listed in your batting order and bat their turn in the order whether they have played in the field or not.

Fielding Positions:

  •  A fourth and fifth outfielder will be placed on the field defensively. (left center and right center)
  • A player is placed on either side of the coach assuming the defensive position of the pitcher.
  • The catcher takes their normal position.

This now means 11 players have been placed on the field defensively.  The extra players in the batting order will be placed in the field defensively after the first inning.

With each new inning the coach must rotate the extra players in the field with different players sitting on the bench for the next half inning.

Using this concept, no player is permitted to sit on the bench more than once unless a special situation warrants such action and is usually an injury.  This allows all players to take part in almost the entire game.  At this age level it is most important players actively participate every moment and not waste time sitting on the bench and growing bored.

Length and Starting Times:

  1. All games are to begin on time regardless of the number of teammates and last no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. Games should end with the last full inning closest to the one hour fifteen minutes.  Do not start an inning with less than 10 minutes left to play.
  2. Each batter receives a MAXIMUM of 5 pitches.  If the ball has not been hit into fair territory, then the batter is out.  There will be no walks allowed. *Coaches are encouraged to pitch OVERHAND from a KNEE to give the proper angle for the hitters. 
  3. Failure to field a full team will result in that team playing with the players they have.  If another player comes, they may be put in at the end of the batting order.  
  4. No makeup games will be scheduled.  If there is a rain out, coaches are welcome to schedule a makeup game i.e. “scrimmage” to play the missed game. Please notify the league if this is the case.

9 up \ 3 out Rule:

1.  Each team will bat 9 players or 3 outs for their side of the inning.

2.  If a runner can advance to the next base, he MUST run.  You cannot hold up a player on a base.

Base Runners:

  1. A player may not throw the bat, or he/she will be called out by the coach. Coaches must follow up with the player to help the player understand this is a SAFETY concern and will need to hold onto the bat.
  2. The ball must be thrown to the base to make a play.  A player shall not be allowed to chase the runners.  (Example:  the ball is hit to the pitcher; the pitcher must throw the ball to first base not run it to the base or chase down the runner.  Again, we are trying to teach the kids real situations not just going for the out.

Playing Field Specifications:

  1. Standard youth base lengths are 60 feet.
  2. Players in the infield must play near their bases and may not play in front of the pitcher.  Outfield positions must be played at least at the edge of the grass.  All players are to play their position. 


The umpire will be provided by the home team as a volunteer.  Umpire may stand behind the catcher or behind the pitcher in the field.  

Playing Rules:

Normal youth baseball rules are applied with the exception, stealing will not be allowed.

The basic concept of this type of program is to make the game safer, more fun and interesting for these young players by using the proper-sized, safer equipment and keeping their interest in playing baseball.  The idea of placing 11 players in the field may be “nontraditional baseball” but at this age level tradition should not be considered.  Hitting, fielding and running the bases are the primary objectives of this concept.

End of season (Last 2 games):

During the last 2 games of the season if a team chooses to, they may pitch a league age 7-year-old to 2 batters on their own team.  After the 2 batters the Parent or Coach will return to finish out the inning. If you have multiple 7-year old’s that want to pitch please only allow one per inning to pitch.  Split them up between the last 2 games if needed.   Pitcher will stand 35feet to 45feet from home plate when throwing the ball.  Any closer and it can be dangerous for the kids as they will be too close to the hitter for reaction time when a ball is hit.  We encourage coaches to take advantage of this opportunity and help work with the 7-year-olds during the season on their pitching.   The goal is to not overthrow kids and wear out arms but to get them interested and ready for the next season which is Minors.  

Apparel required: 

CYBA Players will be provided a team hat and shirt. These must be worn during the games to participate. 

They may wear sweat pants, joggers, or baseball pants.  Absolutely NO shorts.  We want to help protect the players.

A baseball glove.

Regular shoes or plastic cleats are acceptable.  NO metal cleats or spikes, NO flip flops or open toed shoes.

No jewelry, neckless, watches, etc. unless deemed to be needed as a safety concern.  Sunglasses may be worn during play Except by the pitcher so there are no distractions between batter and pitcher. 

After the last game, coaches will be given medals to hand out to their teams, and individual players. Coaches may present certificates as well but must refrain from giving awards to players on the basis of comparable skills or accomplishments. 

All games will be held within available Caldwell Parks under the agreement with the City of Caldwell Parks and Rec. 

For any additional questions or concerns, reach out to the Caldwell Youth Baseball Association Board or visit the Cal Ripken Rule Book.


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