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Background Checks

Background Check Process

         RHAM Youth Football & Cheerleading performs background checks on all coaches prior to the official start of each season as required by local, state, and federal regulations. Upon receipt of your application to be a coach you will receive and an email from our background check provider with a link to complete the process. It is extremely important for applicants to ensure the information entered matches the information submitted on their coaching application and their state and/or federal IDs. Any discrepancy will cause delays in the reporting process and may result in them being disqualified from coaching.

Who Sees the Reports?

         All completed background reports are only sent to the league President and Secretary for review. If any issues are flagged only these two individuals will reach out to the applicant. If the applicant is unable to coach due to issue flagged on the report no specific information is shared with anyone within the league.

Why are Background Checks Needed?

          Background checks are essential when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of children participating in youth sports. The primary purpose of background checks for youth sports coaches is to minimize the risk of potential harm to children and to create a secure environment for their development. Here are some key reasons why background checks are required for youth sports coaches:

  1. Protecting Children's Safety: Background checks help identify any history of criminal behavior, including offenses related to child abuse, violence, or sexual misconduct. By screening coaches, organizations aim to prevent individuals with a history of harmful behavior from having direct access to children.

  2. Building Trust and Confidence: Parents and guardians entrust their children to coaches, expecting them to provide a safe and supportive environment. By conducting background checks, sports organizations demonstrate their commitment to child safety, instilling trust and confidence among parents and the community.

  3. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Many jurisdictions have specific laws or regulations that mandate background checks for individuals working with minors in various capacities, including sports coaching. Compliance with these legal requirements is crucial for sports organizations to avoid potential liability and ensure the well-being of participants.

  4. Risk Management: Background checks act as a risk management strategy for sports organizations. By screening coaches, organizations can identify potential risks early on, allowing them to take appropriate measures to prevent incidents and protect children from harm.

  5. Maintaining Reputation: A sports organization's reputation is closely tied to its commitment to child safety. By implementing rigorous background checks, organizations can demonstrate their dedication to providing a safe and secure environment for young athletes, which helps maintain a positive image and attract participants and sponsors.

  6. Preventing Recidivism: Background checks not only identify individuals with a history of harmful behavior but also act as a deterrent. Knowing that thorough screenings are in place, individuals with a questionable background are less likely to seek positions as youth sports coaches, reducing the chances of recidivism.


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