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RHAM Youth Football and Cheerleading

RHAM Youth Football and Cheerleading

Welcome to RYFC!

Our Mission
To work with young people toward developing their maximum potential as members of society and to strive to create a positive environment for such development through sports. To teach the American tradition of football and to practice the ideas of health, citizenship, and character-building though a positive and safe environment.


Click here for the NCFL Player Eligibility Requirements


RYFC welcomes all returning and new players and cheerleaders from Hebron, Andover, Marlborough, Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Glastonbury and Lebanon to participate on all teams! Our program runs four squads of football players and cheerleaders:

A Team Football 12-14 year oldsFootball: Maximum weight 175 lbs. "Halo" at 175.1 lbs. and up*
B Team Football 10 & 11 year oldsFootball: Maximum weight 145 lbs. "Halo" at 145.1-174 lbs.*
C Team Football 8 & 9 year oldsFootball: Maximum weight 120 lbs. "Halo" at 120.1-144 lbs.*
D Team Football 6 & 7 year oldsFootball: Maximum weight 105 lbs. "Halo" at 105.1-119 lbs. *
Flag Football3-5 year olds
A Team CheerGrades 7-8 
B Team CheerGrades 5-6 
C Team CheerGrades 3-4 
D Team CheerGrades 1-2 

* In accordance with the NCFL Bylaws a Football player exceeding the allowable maximum weight will be allowed to play under the following guidelines:

(i) Must be a down lineman in a 3 or 4-point stance.

(ii) Must be positioned between the offensive tackles. May not be offensive ends.

(iii) May not "Pull" as an offensive down lineman on any running play designed to go outside the last down lineman; may pull on inside traps or passing plays. Defensive linemen can shade the outside shoulder of the offensive tackles, but cannot be lined outside the last down offensive lineman.

(iv) May not be a kicker or punter.

(v) May not be on the kickoff or kick return teams.

(vi) MAY advance the ball as a result of a fumble recovery or interception. Any other touching of the ball will result in a "dead ball" foul.

(vii) Must wear a "Halo" of contrasting color tape visible 360 degrees around the helmet.


All RHAM Youth Football Weigh-ins are typically scheduled the Saturday before the first game. The location of weigh-ins varries from year to year. Please visit the event calendar to find out the exact date. If no date is posted, then weigh-ins have not yet been scheduled for the season.


MOST EQUIPMENT IS PROVIDED, however, if your child arrives at practice or to a game missing equipment, there will be no equipment available for your child to borrow. Unfortunately, if your child is not properly equiped, they will not be able to participate. Replacement mouthguards cost $1.00 and are available during practice at the Snack Shack (GHS Practice Field) or occassionally at the Apparel Table at RHAM Home Games (Burnt Hill Park). Replacement mouthguards may not be available to purchase at away games, so if your child is missing a mouthguard and no alternative can be found to accommodate, your child will not be allowed to participate.

No Tolerance Policy:

RHAM Youth Football & Cheerleading has adopted and enforces the Parent, Player and Coaches Code of Ethics recommended by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, which includes such organizations as the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) and the Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS). Parents, Coaches and players/cheerleaders are required to sign their respective Code of Ethics Statements and are expected to abide by them. NO EXCEPTIONS. A zero tolerance policy for any violations of the Code of Ethics is in effect. Coaches are required to complete certification under NYSCA rules and to maintain membership.


RHAM Youth Football and Cheerleading
P.O. Box 209 
Hebron, Connecticut 06248

Email: [email protected]

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