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T-Ball Division Overview

T-Ball Division (League Age 4-7)

What: T-Ball is the introductory division for Little League baseball.  In the T-Ball division the focus is on introducing basic baseball concepts such as hitting, throwing and catching while emphasizing having fun, sportsmanship and team building.  We do not keep score in T-Ball games.  All batters reach the base each inning and all players score runs.  Coaches emphasize encouragement of teammates during games and attempt to highlight the positive contributions of each player.

:  T-Ball is intended for children who are league ages 4-6 (preschoolers and kindergartners), but players with no experience who are league age 7 (generally first grade) are also eligible.  The league attempts to place kids on teams with friends or classmates to ensure that each kid has a positive experience.  Please note any teammate requests in the “Teammate Request” Section when you register your child on the McIntire website.    

When and Where
 The T-Ball season runs from Late-March through early June with approximately 8 regular season games.  T-Ball teams play 1 game a week on Saturdays with 1 practice per week.  The games usually last about 45-60 minutes.  All games are held at McIntire Park's T-ball field with practices held at various other baseball fields in the Charlottesville area.

Registration Information:
 Spring 2018 registration will open December 1st.  Please be sure to sign up for the league newsletter McIntire Newsletter or check back to our website for schedule updates.

2018 Little League Age Chart

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