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Who We Are

McIntire Baseball is a part of Little League Baseball's District 14 in Virigina.

We offer Spring and Fall baseball for boys and girls across 4 divisions:

 Ages 5 - 7                  
One practice and one game a week (games on Saturdays) 
     Coach Pitch         
 Ages 6 - 8
One practice and one game a week (games on Saturdays)
     Minors  Ages 8 - 12
1-2 practices and 1- 2 games a week
     Majors  Ages 9 - 12
2 practices and 2 games a week - tryouts required

As long as you live or attend a school within our boundaries, you are eligible to participate in league play, including the International All Star tournament.  The schools in our boundary include the following:

Crozet / Ivy Area
Brownsville Elementary
Crozet Elementary
Field School
Henley Middle School
Meriwether Lewis Elementary
Murray Elementary

Hydraulic Road Area
Greer Elementary
Jack Jouett Middle School

City of Charlottesville
Burley Middle
Burnley Moran Elementary
Community Public Charter School
The Covenant School (Lower Campus)
Venable Elementary
Walker Upper Elementary

Click on the link here to type in your address and find out with which league your child should register.  You can also use the map below to determine whether or not your child's residence or school is within our boundaries.  Please note that if two children from the same family intend to play Little League, but one child attends a school within our boundaries and the other does not, BOTH children are eligible to play with McIntire Little League.  If your child does not reside or attend a school within our boundaries, please check with Central Little League or Monticello Little League:

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