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Board Position                                                                  Name                                                                 Email 

Responsible for the conduct of SYC in strict conformity to the policies, principles, Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball.

Matt Shue

Vice President  - Operations 
Create league schedules, coordinates All Star activities, update scores and pitch counts and assist with uniform procurement. 

Anthony Bullano

Vice President – Challenger
Coordinate Challenger player recruitment efforts, prepares game schedule and identifies "buddies" to assist with games. 

Jennifer Perry

Player Agent – Majors
Conducts the tryouts, the player draft and all other player transactions.

Mike Enslen

Player Agent – Minors
Conducts the tryouts, the player draft and all other player transactions.

Steve Lanigan

Records activities of SYC and maintains appropriate files.

Andrea Jamison

Receive all monies, securities, and deposit same.

Chris Copenhaver

Safety Officer / Equipment Manager
Responsible for Safety Plan. Inspects, issues and maintains equipment.

Brian Martin

Information Officer
Set up and manage the league's official website and registration process.

Steve Lanigan

Field Maintenance Coordinator
Responsible for field  & building maintenance and associated supplies.

Travis Brenneman

League Scheduler
Facilitates the procurement of indoor facility & fields for team practices and games.

Jill Kirchoffer

Umpire in Chief
Responsible for the recruiting & training of umpires. Provides coaches with rule changes/updates throughout the season.

Matt Cochran

Sponsorship Coordinator
Solicits and secures local sponsorships to support SYC operations.


Bull Roast Coordinator
Schedules date, activities, and advertisement via ticket sales.

Chris Copenhaver

Special Events Coordinator
Schedules fundraising activities and picture day.


Contact League President if your're interested
Concessions Manager 
Maintains and coordinates schedule and inventor.


13 - 16 Representative
Point of contact for York County Baseball League. 

Ted Nadobny

Director Summer/Fall Baseball
Coodinates summer and fall baseball for SYC.

Eric Mueck

We need your help to keep the league running. How can I help? Well I'm glad you asked! There are many ways you can give back and help keep smiles on our  players' faces!

How can I volunteer? 
You can volunteer in numerous ways but not limited to the following:

Become a board member:
We are always looking for help on the board in many capacities.

Become a manager or a coach:
We can never have enough coaches! Volunteer to help coach and see those smiles on the kids' faces!

Become an umpire:
We always need umpires for the games! If you are interested in umpiring, contact us at!

Become a team parent:
Managers and coaches have a lot to deal with and always need a team mom/dad to help with information!

Teams will be assigned dates to work in concessions but we can always use more help throughout the season!

Become a scorekeeper:
Coaches always need someone to keep the book so they can focus on the on-field things!

If you are interested in volunteering and need guidance or help: contact us at!

Contact League President if you're intereste