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Silent Soccer

SILENT SOCCER IS HAPPENING ON MAY 12!  Silent Soccer applies for all Potomac Soccer CCL II teams. (but all teams are welcome to participate!)

Here are the guidelines for coaches for Silent Soccer:

  1. Before the game, explain Silent Soccer to your players.  Tell them that you will talk to them at halftime; but that they should figure things out and talk to each other during the game
  2. Limit the on-field feedback to fairly quiet, *specific*, supportive comments only
  3. No need for ongoing chatter during the game
  4. Don’t correct obvious mistakes during the game, as the players usually know they have made them
  5. When a player comes off of the field (i.e. is substituted out of the game), take that opportunity to provide specific feedback to that player.  Celebrate the positives and if needed provide simple corrections.
  6. Limit the overall during-game feedback to players on the field.  Provide coaching points at the start of the game, at halftime and after the game.

Coaches are asked to limit their verbal contributions to the bare necessities. "Let the players play!

Here are the guidelines for spectators for Silent Soccer:

  1. Before the game, let your child know that you are there to support them, but will not be providing comments during the game
  2. During the match, limit general audible support & feedback to non-verbal methods.  Clapping is preferred, whistling is great, etc.
  3. During the match, applaud the players’ hard work and effort!

And here are the guidelines for players for Silent Soccer:

1. Have fun and enjoy the game!
2. Communicate with your teammates