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Welcome to the new Shawnee-Seneca Softball Conference Page! 

On this page you will find a league directory, links to divisional schedules, and updated information regarding the 2019 season! 

Coaches, please update this page regularly with game scores, or contact the TAA directors to notify us if there are changes made to your schedule so that we can update the live calendar.  For each game, BOTH COACHES should report their scores within 48 hours of their game using the link to the right of this page.  We will be reviewing this data tool regularly to collect the standings and need confirmation from both teams to confirm the scores for the official league record.

Parents, access any of our Divisional Schedules to access the master calendar for our league, which will provide you with game times and locations for the entire season.  We are so excited to kick off this season and are hopeful that this resource will help you along the way!  Play Ball!


These scores are based upon the games reported as of 5/25/2019:

2nd - 4th Grade: 
1st PlaceMcCready (8W, 1L, 0T)
2nd PlaceTie: 
Olson (7W, 3L, 0T) & 
Burgess (7W, 3L, 0T)
3rd Place
4th PlaceMoore (5W, 3L, 0T)
5th PlaceKochan / Davis (3W, 3L, 0T) 
6th PlaceDiNuzzo (2W, 5L, 0T)
7th PlaceHarris (1W, 7L, 0T)
8th PlaceGaysek (0W, 9L, 0T)

5th - 8th Grade: 

1st Place
Caldini (6W, 0L, 1T)
Moneypenny (6W, 1L, 1T)
2nd Place
3rd PlaceKemps (2W, 7L, 0T)
4th PlaceDitzel (1W, 7L, 0T)

League Directory

K-1 (T-Ball) Division Team Directory

Town Team ID Coach Name Coach Contact


TAA 1Melissa Daniels856-905-1887
TabernacleTAA 2Ryan Reese609-489-1474
TabernacleTAA 3Rob Deiner732-558-0711
Indian MillsIMAA-1Jen Babbitt609-314-5835
SouthamptonSTRA-JimJames Lee856-465-2263
SouthamptonSTRA-KZKen Zack 973-703-6751
SouthamptonSTRA-KWKen Worrell 609-204-1977
Medford LakesMLAA 1 Gail Caputo 856-520-3039
Medford Lakes
MLAA 2Matt Donnelly856-495-4110
Medford Lakes
MLAA 3Kristen Logan609-233-6506
Medford TownshipMYAA 1Chris Smith 609-367-5108
Medford TownshipMYAA 2 Lindsay Wessner609-221-9761
Medford TownshipMYAA 3
Rob Sorrentino609-760-0996
Medford TownshipMYAA 4
Christina Tomlinson609-410-6176


Grades 2-4 Division Team Directory

TownTeam IDCoach NameCoach Contact


TAA 1David Burgess609-947-4850
TabernacleTAA 2Angela Olson & Bill Craig609-217-1978 | 609-744-2246
SouthamptonSTRA 1Kevin DiNuzzo609-410-3781
SouthamptonSTRA 2Tim McCready609-569-4271
SouthamptonSTRA 3Jeff Moore609-820-0761
Medford Lakes MLAAFran Gaysek732-604-0716
Medford TownshipMYAA 1William Harris609-743-1211
Medford TownshipMYAA 2Andrea Davis & Lauren Kochan609-760-9619


Grades 5-8 Division Team Directory


Team IDCoach NameCoach Contact


TAA Dave Kemps609-678-8471
SouthamptonSTRARichelle Moneypenny & Lori Fowler609-661-0579 | 609-760-9937
Medford LakesMLAAMichael Ditzel609-744-5010
Medford TownshipMYAAAndre Caldini609-760-4026



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