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CSA Risk Management

On February 15th, 2018, the President signed into law a Sexual Assault Bill aimed at protecting amateur athletes from sexual abuse. 

The Bill has a three-pronged approach:

1) Any adult interacting with amateur athletes in the program have a duty to report abuse and or suspected abuse within a 24 hour period. EVERY adult is a mandatory reporter.

2) The statute of limitations is extended for up to 10 years after a victim realizes he or she was abused. 

3) Limits an athlete under the age of 18 from being alone with an adult who is not their parent. 

*What is an amateur athlete?  Any child or minor under the age of 18.

Legislation is available for download HERE

Click HERE for Expert Analysis of the New Law.

CSA Risk Management Structure

CSA Lobos Rush is committed to providing the safest possible environment for every child in our care.

We believe the 3 pillars to providing a safe environment are TRAINING, AWARENESS & REPORTING.


Through our partnership with Abuse Prevention Systems ( all staff, coaches and board members are required (also recommended for Team Managers) to go through Abuse Awareness training every two years.

This training is also open to our entire membership at no charge.  Should you wish to be sent the online training CLICK HERE

All CSA Lobos Rush staff/coaches go through annual Criminal Background Checks and are subject to random drug screening.


Sexual abusers find those places where the barriers of protection are lowest, where people are more trusting and where fewer barriers exist between service applicants and children. Making everyone in CSA aware of the risks and signs of sexual abuse helps raise the barriers to would be abusers.

When staff, volunteers and our membership as a whole learn the facts, we are all better able to protect children in program.


Training & awareness are both preventative and reactive.  Preventative in that potential perpetrators will avoid our program if they know the barriers to access are high due to increased awareness.  Reactive in that sufficiently trained staff & membership will be able to spot the signs of abuse early and REPORT immediately.

ALL adults must report any suspected child abuse to the relevant AUTHORITIES within 24 hours.  This is non-negotiable and is both State & Federal Law.

After reporting to the authorities, adults must also report the suspected abuse to the CSA RISK MANAGER and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

Reporting Protocol

Under State and Federal Law, ALL adults must report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect. This includes doctors, police, teachers, parents, mental health professionals, child care providers, dentists, family members and friends.

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services is mandated by law to investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. If you live in Tennessee, immediately report your suspicions by calling the Tennessee Child Abuse Hotline at 1.877.237.0004. Someone is available 24/7.

Following are numbers to call if the suspected abuse or neglect is happening in other states outside of Tennessee:

Desoto County, Mississippi: 1.662.429.1480
Mississippi (other than Desoto): 1.800.222.8000
Arkansas: 1.800.482.5964
For all other states, call: 1.800.422.4453

If you believe that the child is in immediate danger, you should call your local police or sheriff’s office. To report to law enforcement:

Bartlett, TN: 901.385.5555
Collierville, TN: 901.583.3207
Germantown, TN: 901.754.7222
Memphis, TN: 901.528.2222
Millington, TN: 901.872.3333
Shelby County, TN: 901.379.7620

After reporting to the authorities, you must also notify the CSA RISK MANAGER and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


475 E. South Street, Suite 112
Collierville, Tennessee 38017

Phone: 901-854-8724
Email: [email protected]


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am - 3 pm Tuesday and Thursday: 1 - 6 pm