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About Our Recreational Soccer Program

Recreational soccer is where the love of the game begins! The Collierville Rec program is the only one of its kind in Collierville offering a relaxed and fun environment to learn and play soccer starting at  U3 with the Munchkin Madness Program through age 19 (U3-U19 see age chart here). Recreational soccer takes place during the fall and spring. here are no tryouts, just sign up and play!

Our Mission 

The mission of the recreational soccer program is to provide the opportunity for young athletes to participate and play the game of soccer in a positive environment regardless of the level of ability or experience. We want to create lifelong enjoyers of the game and assist those that seek a higher level of play.

Core Values

Play - The opportunity for kids to play in a positive environment  is at the heart of the recreational program 

Fun - We want all player to have a positive and enjoyable experience playing the game

Teamwork -  As a community, it is important that all members (Coaches, Referees, and Parents) work together to help create a positive playing culture for the recreational players.
Special note: There is natural competition in sport but this is to be used as a tool for teaching. It is NOT Coach vs Coach, Coach vs Ref, Ref vs Parent, etc. 

Respect - There is a lot of work put in by all. Including parents, coaches and referees. Sportsmanship and Respect for all involved is crucial for the environment we wish to create.

TopSoccer (Special Needs)

TopSoccer is a community-based training program for athletes with intellectual, emotional, and or physical disabilities. The program strives to provide soccer opportunities (the opportunity of soccer) for players to develop at their own pace in a safe, fun, and supportive/inclusive environment focusing on meaningful participation rather than competition. The program is fully funded and, as such, there is no cost to the participants


475 E. South Street, Suite 112
Collierville, Tennessee 38017

Phone: 901-854-8724
Email: [email protected]


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am - 3 pm Tuesday and Thursday: 1 - 6 pm