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McIntire Majors Division FAQ's

McIntire Majors Division Overview

 What is Majors?

  • McIntire’s highest Little League division is Majors.  Any 9 -12-year-old player that attends a Majors try outs is eligible to play in the Majors division if they are selected in the Majors draft. 


What is the Time Commitment for Majors?

  • Majors teams play 18 - 20 regular season games starting in March and concluding in June.  Each team will play an average of two games a week with two additional practices.  Upper Minors teams will play 10-12 games a Season with 1-2 practices a week.  Majors is a significant time commitment so please make sure you are willing to commit to this schedule before you enter your child into the Majors draft.

How Many Teams are there in McIntire Majors?

  • McIntire currently has six Majors teams (Elks, Barracks Road, Allied Concrete, Coke, HasBrouck Management & Craig Builders). 


What are the League Age Requirements?

  • Little League International’s age cut off for all Little League players is September 1.  Any player who is 12-year-old as of August 31, 2021 is eligible to participate in Little League.  The September 1 cut off is also used to determine the “League Age” for all players.  For the Little League age chart please click on the following link:  2021 Little League Age Chart
  • 12 League Age - 12 Years Old as of August 31, 2021
  • 11 League Age - 11 Years Old as of August 31, 2021
  • 10 League Age - 10 Years Old as of August 31, 2021
  • 9 League Age - 9 Years Old as of August 31, 2021

How Do Majors Teams Get Selected?

  • All returning Majors players return to their existing teams and are not required to try out.  All 9 to 12-year old’s that are interested in trying out for Majors are invited to try out where they will be evaluated by the Majors Managers.  Following the try outs, the Majors Managers will select draft eligible players to fill out their rosters.

When are the Majors Try Outs?

  • Majors try outs will be held in late February 2021 (tentatively February 27 and 28)

Do 12 Year Old’s Have to Try Out?

  • Little League International requires all 12-year old’s that try out for the Majors to be drafted unless there is a safety issue.  However, all 12-year old’s must try out to be drafted.

Do 12 Year Old’s Have to Play Majors?

  • 12-Year-old players do not have to play Majors as they can participate in the Upper Minors division.  However, 12-year old’s are not allowed to pitch if they participate in Upper Minors.

What Happens if My Child is Not Drafted?

  • All 12-year old’s who try out and are not deemed to be a safety risk will be drafted.  If your child is 9 to 11-years old and is not drafted, that child will be placed on an Upper Minors team.  We ask all players that are not drafted to attend the Upper Minors Evaluations to help balance the Upper Minors teams.

Can a Player Switch Teams Once they are Drafted?

  • All players will remain with the Majors team that drafted them throughout their time in McIntire Little League.  However, if a family is unhappy with their current Manager they may appeal to the Player Agent who will evaluate the request and take that request to the board for review.  If the board decides that the child should be released from their team, that child will reenter the draft in the following season.

How Many Players are on a Majors Team and what are the Minimum Playing Time Requirements?

  • McIntire Little League currently has a limit of 12 players per Roster.  Little League International’s minimum playing time requirement rules require that all players play 6 outs on defense (2 Innings) and bat a minimum of one time per game.

How are All Star Teams Selected?

  • All Star teams are chosen by a Majors manager vote in late May with priority given to players who participated in the Majors division.  McIntire Little League has historically entered All Star teams in the District tournament in all four divisions (11-12, 10-11, 8-10, & 7-9).  Upper Minors players may be asked to join the 8-10 & 7-9 All Star teams if there are not enough players in the Majors division to form a team.

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