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2019 Summer All-Stars


Nomination Forms

The forms below shall be used for all nominations. Forms are also available at the main concession stand.

Coach/Manager Nomination Form
(DUE April 20th by 4:00pm)

Player Nomination Form
(DUE on May 4th by 4:00pm)


Frequent Asked Questions

Manager Nominations are due on Saturday, April 20th by 4:00pm. Nominations shall be for any aspiring manager for All-Star Team1, Team2, Team3, etc. All-Star Manager Nominations can be self-nominated or peer nominated. All peer nominations shall be accepted by the nominee. Additional Manager Nominations after the above deadline will NOT be accepted.

Player Nominations shall be turned in on Saturday, May 4th by 4:00pm. ONE DAY ONLY! All-Star player nomination forms shall be approved by the Head Coach. A valid All Star Player Nomination shall consist of the signed All Star Nomination Form from each nominated player's parent/guardian and include a one hundred dollar ($100.00) retainer fee indicating their approval and willingness to participate in All Star Tournament play. Make checks payable to PYBSA. ANY Nominations received after this date/time will NOT be accepted or considered for All Star Tournament Play. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any nominated player who does not make the All Star Team 1 will be refunded their retainer fee. Any nominated player chosen for All-Star Team 1 who later decides not to participate will forgo the retainer fee.

Only players nominated by their respective Head Coach shall be eligible for selection and/or participation on All-Star Teams. Nominations shall only be players who have the potential of making the All-Star team. Keep in mind the All-Star teams are to be filled with the league’s top talented players who would represent PYBSA and our local community as All-Star players. Coaches shall NOT nominate players who are not ready to compete at the All-Star level of play. All-Star teams shall consist of the top talented players of the league.

Time Commitment:
Time commitment is determined by the selected Manager and team. On past teams, it has been understood that if a team is not playing in a tournament then they are practicing for a tournament. All-Star managers are not bound to a certain number of days per week to hold activities. Teams are self-funded and team involvement is necessary for team fundraising efforts. (i.e. car washes, raffle, poker nights, etc.) The summer All-Star season length is dependent on how successful a team performs. Typically the summer All-Star season ends for most teams in mid to late July.

Practice times/days will be determined by the selected Manager. Typically full practice begins shortly after our recreational end of season tournament. All-Star teams will be allowed to reserve field time at PYBSA for no charge.

The final start-up cost will be determined by the selected Manager. Team fundraising should be used to minimize the startup costs to team members. Total costs to team members will be dependent on the team’s internal fundraising efforts and team aspirations. Startup monies will be needed soon after the PYBSA selection process for ordering uniforms, etc. The $100.00 retainer fee collected from each nominated player during the PYBSA player nomination process will be issued (by PYBSA Check) to the selected Manager. The total amount of the PYBSA issued check will depend on the number of players selected by the team’s Manager. PONY Rules require a roster of 12-15 players. Retainer funds are intended to help streamline the immediate financial needs of the team in order for them to purchase uniforms, team equipment, etc. The $100.00 retainer, paid by the player, shall be deducted from the final start-up costs determined by the team’s Manager. The selected All-Star Team Manager shall schedule a team meeting with the selected players to determine any remaining start-up costs.

PYBSA will host mandatory player evaluations for all nominated players on Sunday, May 5th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  The PYBSA Player Agent will form a list of all nominations and distribute it to all league coaches prior to the evaluations. All league coaches are required to attend these evaluations. Immediately following the player evaluations, each league coach will vote for their picks of the top 12 players present at the evaluations. Votes will be compiled and the top six (6) players receiving the majority vote (plus any ties) will be automatically added to the Team 1 All-Star roster. The remaining roster spots will be determined by the discretion of Team1’s Manager. Next, league coaches shall determine if the remaining nominations available would be in the best interest of the players, parents, and coaches to form a second (or subsequent) All-Star team(s). A majority vote of all league coaches (51%) is required. 

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