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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the park rules? 
A. PYBSA park rules are as follows:

No Pets

No Alcohol

No Firearms

Q. How much is my registration and what does that provide? 
A. Spring registration varies for the age group.

Blastball 4U (3&4 T-Ball) $65.00

Shetland 6U (5&6 T-Ball) $115.00

Pinto 8U (7&8 Coach Pitch) $115.00

Mustang 10U (9&10) $120.00

Bronco 12U (11&12) $120.00

Pony 14U (13&14) $120.00 

The registration fee covers the cost of the player's jersey, hat, and socks. The registration fee also covers operating costs such as electricity, trash, umpires, and more. Because PYBSA receives no outside funding, PYBSA must be self-sufficient and relies heavily on the generosity of the community through volunteers, fundraising and sponsorship.

Q. Why does PYBSA have a mandatory fundraiser? 
A. In order to keep costs as low as possible, we require all players to participate in the season fundraiser. Season fundraiser monies are used for park/field improvements / maintenance.

Q. What age groups play at PYBSA? 
A. PYBSA offers six age groups, from BlastBall 4U to Pony 14U. Leagues are as follows:

BlastBall 4U (T-Ball): 3-4 year olds
Shetland 6U (T-Ball): 5-6 year olds 
Pinto 8U (Coach Pitch): 7-8 year olds 
Mustang 10U (Kid Pitch): 9-10 year olds 
Bronco 12U: 11-12 year olds 
Pony 14U:  13-14 year olds.

Q. How do I know which age group my child will play in? 
A. That depends if its softball or baseball. Softball's age is determined by the child's age as of January 1 of each year. In baseball the age is determined by the child's age as of August 31st. PYBSA will strictly adhere to PONY Rules regarding age; NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q. How are the teams chosen? 
A. All teams are chosen via a draft process. For all leagues there will be an evaluation day that allows coaches to look at the talent that is new to the league. The evaluations are open to all first year league to players or who did not play at PYBSA last year. All kids who register make a team. The evaluations just allow the coaches to determine who they may want on their team. All players returning to the same league will play on the same teams as last year. However, the parent does have the option of putting their child back into the blind draft and being on another team. Refer to the Player Draft rules as outlined in the PYBSA Local Rules of Play.

Q. Can I request to be on a certain team? 
A. No. Player draft rules are listed in the PYBSA Local Rules and were established to distribute players as evenly as possible among all teams.
Q. Can my child be moved up to another age division?
A. Yes.  Parents are allowed to request their child be moved up to another age division.  Moving down to another age division is not allowed.  Parents must make an official email request to the PYBSA Board for this transfer to be made.

Q. As a head coach I have someone who wants to help me, how do I make sure someone else does not pick his/her child so they can be my assistant? 
A. We allow the head coach to protect up to 4 players prior to the draft as long as they were not already on another team in the same league. We require a signed player protection form from the child's parent/guardian stating that they give their permission for their child to be protected by a particular coach. See PYBSA Local Rules of Play for more information.

Q. How do I find out when my child's games are? 
A. Your coach will provide you with a schedule. Shortly after the season begins, the schedules will be posted on the PYBSA website under Team Central, Posted Schedules.

Q. I am interested in coaching my son/daughters team, how do I become a coach? 
A. Being a youth coach can be one of the most rewarding experiences an adult can do and PYBSA is always in need of good coaches. Because we are an all-volunteer association we need people who are interested in working with young people and teaching them the game of baseball/softball. If you are interested in becoming a coach, make sure you either get your name on the coaches signup form or make sure you volunteer for the head coach option during registration. The Board of Directors will select the coaches each year. We require that all coaches fill out a coaching contract and coaches background check form . If you are new to PYBSA we may ask for a couple of personal. If you want more information on becoming a coach, please contact the PYBSA Player Agent. Board Contacts

Q. Does PYBSA have a rulebook? 
A. Yes. PYBSA league play abides by the Official Rules of Major League Baseball. Where applicable, MLB rules are superseded by PONY rules (available at and lastly all rules are superseded by the PYBSA Local Rules of Play.

Q. Can I practice on PYBSA fields? 
A. No. In the spring we have games on the fields most every day. Coaches must find their own practice fields. In the fall, teams may use the fields as scheduled by the Baseball/Softball Administrative Director.

Q. How do I find out about rainouts? 
A. Coaches are responsible to inform their team/players/parents of any rain-outs. The PYBSA website will display all field closures. If the website does not explicitly say games are canceled, then games will be played as scheduled. 

Q. What time are the games cancelled? 
A. During the week, we make a decision whether we can play by 4:00 pm. On the weekend, we try to make the call as early as possible which is usually by 7:00 am. The website is immediately updated in case of cancellations.

Q. How are official standings determined if teams play a different number of games for the season? 
A. The league champion will be determined by best overall record in the respective league. In case of equal records, the following method will be used to declare a champion: (Spring Season Only) 

1.     Over-all record for the entire league.

2.     Head-to-Head Margin of Victory.

3.     Lowest numbers of runs against.

4.     If still tied, both teams shall be declared co-champions. ***

***If team’s records are declared a tie, a random draw will be used to determine the end of season tournament bracket seeds***

Q. What is the End-of-Season tournament? 
A. Teams will be seeded based on their final regular season results. Each division will then play a single elimination tournament, with the championship game being played on the final day of the tournament. (Spring Season Only)

Q. How do I become a sponsor? 
A. Sponsorship is badly needed at PYBSA as we are a private non-profit organization that does NOT receive public funding from any local municipality. If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Q. Why did I get a ticket for parking on the side of the road next to the drainage ditch? 
A. Parking anywhere other than the parking lot across from the fields or behind the Pony field is strictly prohibited and violators are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
Q.  Does PYBSA offer hardship scholarships?
A.  PYBSA provides full or partial registration fee scholarships to children, who without this financial assistance would not be able to participate.  Scholarship Request Form

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