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LYA Cheer gets frequently asked questions about the football/cheer season.  We hope that we are able to answer any questions that you may have.

How much is cheer registration for the 2020 season?
Due to COVID, GFL has required that ALL cheer associations do away with the standard uniform for the 2020 season.  All associations will be wearing camp wear for the 2020 cheer season
Cheerleaders 1st-8th grades - $340 - NEW LOWER COST
Mascots - $315 - NEW LOWER COST

How do I register for Cheerleading?
Our first Walk-Up Registration is on March 14th, 2020 at 10:00am Jordan Middle School.  You may also register online at  Registration will close June 6th, 2020 at midnight.

What is included in the registration cost for cheerleaders?
Game Day camp wear,  regular camp wear, cheer camp, cheer off entry, stunt clinic, cheer off raffle tickets, cheer off T, trophy, insurance.

What comes in the uniform package:
NEW UPDATE - Game Day Camp Wear Set - Tank, Skort, Sports Bra, game day bow, poms, sweatshirt
Regular Camp Wear Set - Tshirt, shorts, camp bow (also GFL Cheer Off T)

How does my child get fitted for the uniform?

What will my child be fitted for?
Your cheerleader will be fitted for:
Camp Game Day Camp Tank (top)
Camp Game Day Camp Skort (bottom)
Camp Wear - Tshirt and shorts
Cheer Off t-shirt
Cheer Shoes (optional)
Warm Up Sweatshirt (INCLUDED)

When is the uniform fitting, where and what time?
UPDATE: - Fittings are done virtually.  Please provide your sizes through the Game Day Fitting Pass.  The pass in on the main page under "Helpful Links".  Please follow the directions very carefully.  If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

What if I cannot attend the fitting? 
You may complete the sizing form, and provide your cheerleaders measurements.  Please be advised, that if submitting a sizing form with measurements, make sure the measurements are correct.  The vendor will not be responsible for remakes if the uniform comes back to small or to big.

Do you have payment plans?
We encourage you to pay the full cost of registration when registering for cheerleading.  However, we do have strict payment plans in place.   The total cost of registration must be paid in full no later than JUNE 6th, 2020.  NO ITEMS WILL BE ORDERED FOR THE CHEERLEADER IF NOT PAID IN FULL BY JUNE 6th, 2020.  NOR WILL THE CHEERLEADER BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE UNTIL THE BALANCE IS PAID IN FULL.    We have a strict refund policy, however due to COVID, we are reviewing our current policy, and will address on a case by case basis.   If credit card payments are declined, cash or money order payments will only be accepted, and a $25 chargeback fee will be added.

Payment Plans - auto deduction:
May 14th, 2020 - Min - $195
June 6th, 2020 - Min - $195

What out of pocket expenses should I expect?
Here at LYA we try to keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum.  However, you may incur the following expenses:
   *Cheer Shoes are mandatory for grades 4th - 8th.  Cheer Shoes are not required for 1st - 3rd grades, but should have tennis shoes with traction on the bottom.  No canvas or cloth shoes are allowed. Shoe cost range from $20-$47 - MUST BE A CHEER SHOE.
   *Drinks/Snacks for cheerleaders (Your team mom will inform you when you will be responsible to provide for the cheerleaders)
   *Pictures (optional)
   *Pink Out items (optional)
   *Warm Up Jacket/pants (optional, but highly recommended)
   *Rain Jackets (optional, but highly recommended)
   *Cheer Bag (optional)
   *Cheer Off Routines ($25)
   *Cheer Off Items (new bows, socks, poms)
   *Other team specific items

Why is Fundraising Mandatory?
We encourage that ALL parents participate in the fundraising activities that your team has initiated, to help off set the cost for the additional team needs.  Fundraising also helps reduce the out of pocket expenses incurred on the parents.

Where can I purchase cheer shoes?
You can order cheer shoes directly from the vendor through our Team Spirit site under Helpful links.  Cheer shoes run about 1 1/2 sizes smaller than a regular tennis shoe, so we advise ordering a larger size.  If ordering from the site, please make sure you order at least 2-3 weeks before the season starts, to ensure the shoes are in stock and delivered on time.  You may also purchase cheer shoes from any sporting goods store.  Cheer shoes must be all white.

How long does the football/cheer season last?
The GFL season begins in July and ends in November

When will I be contacted by my child's coach?
Your child's coach or Team Mom will reach out to you a week before practice begins to introduce him/herself.

When are practice days?
Practice days and times are determined by your coach.  Typical practice days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Practice times will vary per coach, but typical practice times run from 6:30pm - 8:00pm.  There are no practices held on Friday's or Sundays.

What documentation is needed in order to register my child for cheerleading?
Per GFL, a birth certificate with a raised seal is required for each child.  A GFL Physical Form must be completed by the parent and physician.   You must also complete the paper GFL registration form.

I have multiple children participating in LYA.  Can my children play/cheer on the same teams? 
Per GFL, each player/cheerleader is required to play/cheer in their own age/grade level.  The only exception to this rule if siblings are twins.

My child will be out of town during camp week.  Does that mean she cannot participate?
No.  Cheer camp is not mandatory, however, we encourage for each cheerleader to attend if possible.  Camp is an introduction to the new cheer season, which teaches the girls the fundamentals of cheerleading. During camp, the cheerleaders will learn jumps, motions, cheers, chants, and a halftime routine.  This is also a time for the cheerleaders to bond with their team and coach.     

Where will camp be held?
Our cheer camp will be hosted by Central Gwinnett HS Cheerleaders, at Central Gwinnett HS.  Camp is from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.  The dates are TBD.

Will all the games be held at Rhodes Jordan Park?
No...Each park within GFL will host games on Saturdays.  Some of your child's games will be at Rhodes, while other games will be played away at another location.

What time will my child's game be on Saturday's?
Game times are determined by the child's age/grade.  Usually, the younger teams start around 9:00 am and the older teams later in the afternoon.

Can my 2nd grader cheer on my 10-year-olds team?
No.  Per GFL, all participants have to cheer/play in their own age group/grade

Are games played on Sunday?
Games are not played on Sunday unless GFL has canceled games due to inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Is there an admission into the games?
Yes.  Per GFL, associations will charge $4 per adults (18-64) $1 for students (k-12), and seniors 65 or older and children under 5 are free.
GFL Playoff games admission is $5 per adults.  You will receive a stamp once paid, and the stamp is good all day at any park for free admission.  Please remember to get a stamp when leaving a park, or you will have to pay another admission fee.

Are pets allowed in the parks?
Per Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation, pets are not allowed in areas where the football field is.  Pets of any kind, are not allowed inside Rhodes Jordan Football Field.  It's best that all pets are left at home.

Why is it mandatory for parents to work in the concession stand?
Each parent is required to have concession duty when our park is open because we need parents to help run our park smoothly.  Parents will work 1 1/2 hours before their child's game.  Parents will not have concession duty during their child's game.  If parents are not able to work their concession duty, they will be required to find someone 18 years of age or older to work their shift.  No children are allowed in the concession stand, so parents will need to have child care for their concession duty time.  
If parents do not show for their concession duty, a $50 fine will be imposed, and the child will not be able to participate until the fine is paid.  

If I am scheduled to work concessions, do I get food for free?
NO...all food must be purchased if patronizing the concession stand.  However, you will receive free admission into the park the day you are scheduled for concessions.  Children and spouses will still have to pay admission into the park.

Do cheerleaders/players practice/play games in the rain?
Yes.  GFL does not cancel games due to rain.  Cheerleaders will be required to cheer in the rain.  They must wear a clear rain poncho.  GFL will only cancel a game if it rains if they are notified by Gwinnett Parks and Recreation that the games must be postponed.  If a game is postponed, then the game will be played Sunday or another day during the week.  Refunds will not be given if games are canceled, and admission will be charged again for the makeup game.  GFL will also notify each association if practices will be canceled due to the heat index, or inclement weather.

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