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FCV LAX is coming to Ashburn!

FCV LAX: Powered by 3d Mid-Atlantic

FCV Ashburn has affiliated with 3d Lacrosse Mid-Atlantic to bring you a developmental lacrosse training experience for players new to the game.
FCV Ashburn will be hosting and running the instructional program, and all training will be conducted by local 3d Mid-Atlantic staff.

Training Methodology

FCV LAX Powered by 3d Mid-Atlantic will have a heavy concentration on local training, a flexible schedule, and reduced costs. Our goal is to introduce the young multisport athletes to the great game of lacrosse in addition to their other sports.  FCV LAX is committed to providing beginning players with consistent training in high energy sessions to nurture the love sport and develop solid individual skills.  FCV LAX training will offer players a great addition, without schedule conflicts to lacrosse community programs.

Training Details


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Field Status

Closed Closed

Bles Park (10:27 AM | 01/18/17)

Closed Closed

Field 1 (10:27 AM | 01/18/17)

Closed Closed

Field 2 (10:27 AM | 01/18/17)

Closed Closed

Field 3 (10:27 AM | 01/18/17)

Open Open

Evergreen Sportsplex (03:49 PM | 10/04/16)

Open Open

Field 1 (03:49 PM | 10/04/16)

Open Open

Field 2 (03:49 PM | 10/04/16)

Open Open

Field 3 (03:49 PM | 10/04/16)

Open Open

Field 4 (03:49 PM | 10/04/16)

Closed Closed

Rosa Lee Carter (10:27 AM | 01/18/17)