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Register Today . . . Click on the REGISTER button below.

Registration Information & Fees

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REGISTERING IN PAPER FORM: For anyone who does not want to register online, a registration form is available for download (click here), or at the Recreation Department, or by calling 859-0627 to receive forms by mail. Mail forms and payment to SBYBS, c/o Donna Kaczmarek, 69 Airport Parkway, South Burlington, VT OR if completed at the Recreation Department you may leave forms and payment there as well for SBYBS to pick up. 

REGISTRATION FEE:  T-Ball, Instructional, Peanut and softball Minis are each $60 by March 19, $80 March 20 and beyond; AAA, National, American, and softball Minors & Majors are each $70 by March 19, $90 March 20 and beyond. A family discount of $30 applies for every child registered within a family after the first two. 

SCHOLARSHIPS: A limited number of scholarships are available to players in all leagues.  If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please contact Donna Kaczmarek at 859-0627 or email [email protected]  All scholarships are completely confidential. 

LEAGUE AGE – A softball player’s league age is the age she has reached as of December 31, 2016. A baseball player’s league age is the age he/she has reached as of August 31, 2017, with the following exceptions: players born on or before August 31, 2005, league age is the age he/she has reached as of April 30, 2017.  To select the right league for your child see the 2017 Choosing the Right League for your Child flyer

NEW PLAYERS: A birth certificate copy must be provided for all first time SBYBS players. 

RESIDENCY: All players must be residents of South Burlington or attend school in South Burlington.
PLAY WITH REQUESTS: T-Ball, Minis, Instructional, Peanut, AAA ONLY:  You may include with your child’s registration the name of ONE player you would like to see placed on your child’s team.  If that same child’s registration lists your child as his/her one play with request, we will try our best to ensure these two players are together. If there is no match, the play-with request is not considered.  Please also note that there are no guarantees. There are no play-with requests for leagues that are created from a draft: Minors, Majors, National and American Leagues. 
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