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All-Star Player Selection Process

SBYBS All-Star Player Selection Process

2018: There will be 12 players selected for each All-Star team.  If there is a tie in the voting for the final roster spots, the league may decide to expand the number of players per team beyond 12.


COACHES THEN SUBMIT THEIR TEAM’S PROSPECTS via a survey system. The survey asks the following about each player: (1) uniform number and league age, (2) number of games played this season, (3) team for which to be considered (8/9/10, 9/10/11, 10/11/12), (4) rating of each player in regards to batting, running/speed, fielding – grounders, fielding – pop-ups, throwing, pitching, catching (behind the plate), commitment, attitude, coachability, knowledge of the game and sportsmanship, and (5) short write up about each player’s strengths, weaknesses and why the coach is recommending this player for All-Stars.

The coaches are then asked to email to “the League” the names of players from their team who they had submitted via the survey. The league then double checks the survey input to ensure all of the players’ information was received. 

: Once SBYBS receives each team’s prospects, a complete list of potential All-Stars for each respective league (along with their survey data) is emailed to the coaching staffs.

: All regular season coaches are asked to email to “the League”  their vote (“roster”) of the nominated players they feel should make up their respective league’s All-Star team(s).  At the American League baseball and Majors softball level, a kids vote is also distributed for players to vote for their “roster” to make up the 11/12 team.

“The League” tallies up the number of votes each player receives. Players with a majority vote automatically make the team unless a majority vote puts too many players on the team. If that occurs, at an All-Stars Selection Meeting, the regular season team managers discuss the last group of players and revote confidentially (about said group of players only) until the last players are determined.  This is also the case should a majority vote not fill out the numbers of players necessary.  The players with less than a majority would be discussed and a revote (about said group of players only) occurs until the team is rounded out. Should a player in a “to be discussed group” be the son or daughter of one of the managers in the room, that person leaves the room for the discussion.

The President and Vice Presidents reside over the All-Stars Selection Meeting (as applicable) and the NL-AL coordinator and or Minors/Majors Coordinator will also be in attendance.  Should any of the aforementioned board members be a parent to a prospective All-Star or interested in being a manager or coach of a team, he/she would be recused from the process.