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All-Star Coaching Staff Selection Process

SBYBS All-Star Player Selection Process

NOTE: “The League” in 2018 refers to Chris Hebert, Softball Vice President, Jeremy Watson, Baseball Vice President, as well as either Cindy Tan, Softball All-Stars Coordinator (for baseball double checking) or Jay Bruns, Baseball All-Stars Coordinator (for softball double checking).

COACHES FOR THE ALL-STAR TEAMS ARE SELECTED AS FOLLOWS:  Coaches submit their name to the league for consideration along with their reasons why they want to be an All-Star manager/coach, a list of their strengths and weaknesses and any All-Stars history. This list of prospects is then sent to their peers (all managers and coaches) in their respective league for feedback and a vote.  

All managers and coaches from each league submit to “the League” their confidential feedback about each All-Star coach prospect as well as their “vote” for who they believe should be the Manager, Coach, and Assistant for their league’s team(s). 

“The League” tallies the votes which are then double-checked by a second board member. 

The President, VP of Baseball or Softball and the applicable league coordinator then review the “coach vote,” select scenarios of who will be assigned to what role based upon the votes received and the feedback. Because the coaching staffs are always selected AFTER the players are selected, different scenarios are put in place in case a “voted-in” All-Star coach’s child does not make the team.

At the end of the player selection process/meeting, based upon the players named to the team, the All-Star coaching staffs are announced.