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Announcement of Teams

Congratulations to the following players selected to the 2017 All-Star Teams:

10/11/12 Softball All-Stars:
Catherine White
Samara Tucker
Kayla Tashiro
Emma Stevens
Sophie Richland
Sam Plunkett
Mia Kaczmarek
Miranda Hayes
Jaydenne Garbarino
Devon Cherry
Sophia Bouffard
Emily Borrazzo
Sana Alnamee

Manager: Tim Kaczmarek
1st Assistant: Steve Garbarino
2nd Assistant: Donna Kaczmarek

Congratulations also to Anna Leavey and Oli Roy who will be joining Burlington's 8/9/10 softball All-Star team.

8/9/10 Baseball All-Stars:
Trey Smith
Keegan Goodwin
Isaac Hungerford
Harry Poquette
Evan Marchessault
Cedric LaMothe
Andrew Bruns
Bennett Campbell
Aiden Gray
Peyton Burt
Austin Shephard
Ryan Audibert

Manager: Tyler Smith
1st Assistant: Jay Bruns
2nd Assistant: Jaime Marchessault

10/11/12 Baseball All-Stars
Ryan Carpenter
Brady Barrett
Eric Moore
Liam O'Connor
Andre Bouffard
Nick Kelly
William Camp
Baxter Lowell
Evan LaMothe
Johnny Patrick
Ryan Sweet
Keifer McGrath

Manager: Sean McGrath
1st Assistant: Kevin Patrick
2nd Assistant: Mike Moore

The league will be contacting baseball players ages 9-11 not listed on the teams above to see if there is enough interest in fielding a 9/10/11 tournament team.  If there is enough interest, the team will be announced by June 16th.