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Captain's and Team Information

Captain's Duties

Oversee the general workings of your team, including:

  • Attend MUSC adult league meetings. Inform team members of league business, rule changes, and any other pertinent information.

  • Assume responsibility for registering your team. This includes verifying ages, insuring players are aware of registration dates and deadlines, and making sure each registered player is listed on the official Team Roster with their jersey number.  If an ineligible player is illegally fielded during a game, both the player AND Captain (or acting captain) will be suspended for one year, and may incur a $300 fine; this is subject to review by the Adult Division Disciplinary Committee.                                                           

  • Make each player aware of the required uniform (including wearing shin guards and removing jewelry).  Jerseys must be numbered.  Teams in competitive divisions without numbered jerseys will forfeit each game until the those jerseys are acquired.  Allowances will be given for the first few weeks of the season as new players and teams are settled.

  • Make each player aware of the (IFAB and MUSC) rules and regulations that govern the game.                                           

  • Set an example of sportsmanship, and teamwork – with your team, opponent, match officials, and with the league.  

 Game Preparation and At the Field

  • Check to be sure that a minimum number (7) of players can attend your match.                                                                      

  • Check jersey colors before your game - the home team must wear an alternate jersey if a conflict arises. The goalkeeper should contrast with both teams. Ideally, socks should also contrast between the teams.                              

  • Team Rosters (no more player cards!) MUST show first and last name and have the jersey numbers listed.

  • Print out your team roster and that of your opponent on the day of the match, and bring both rosters to the match.  The referees will be using these to check in players, and to keep track of players during the match.

    This year we will be using team rosters to verify registered players.  Player cards and registration stickers are no longer mandatory to play in our league; however, you MUST produce a photo ID to be eligible to play.  Each player will present an ID that will be checked against the official team roster, which is published on our website here under the "Team Central" tab and "Team Directory" drop down.  If you do have a player card from previous seasons - great!  You or your captain can hold on to it, and that can be used as your ID.  You can also present a driver's license, student ID, or other official form of identification. 

    Anyone who would like a player card or updated registration sticker can still have one made - just email us at [email protected] with your headshot and we'll mail it out to you.

  • 5 minutes before scheduled game time, have your team lineup (in roster order) for check in with the match officials.  Each will then present their ID to the referee for verification. Your help in gathering your team will ensure this is a quick and painless process!   

  • Provide a game ball for each match.                                                                                                                                        

  • Participate in the coin toss.

  • Represent the team to the referee during the match.

  • When playing at Mylan Park, captains are responsible for turning the lights on and off.      

  • For Rec teams, captains are responsible for making sure their team members play in a non-competitive and non-aggressive manner.

  • Late-arriving players

    If a player is late to a match they MUST check in with an Assistant Referee when there is a break in action to have their ID verified.  Do not interrupt the AR while the match is in progress.  If a player is found not to have checked in, a penalty and/or $300 fine will be assessed to the player and captain (or acting captain). 

Players Regsitering during the Season MUST Register by Sunday to play the following week

Once the season has started, you must register by Sunday at 6pm to be able to play the following week.  This is to ensure that referees have the most accurate rosters available for veryifying players.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us in advance and we'll do our best to accommodate your situation.

Illegal players

Any person found playing on a team for which he/she is not registered will be suspended from MUSC Adult Soccer for the rest of the season, as will the captain (or acting captain).  In addition, a $300 fine will be assessed to the captain.

Game Cancellations: Cancellations prior to match time will be announced on, by email to captains, by Twitter, and on Facebook.  The decision to cancel games at Laurel Point and Core will be made by the MUSC Director of Operations, and/or the MUSC board.  Games at Mylan Park will only be cancelled in the event of lightning or other unsafe conditions.  It is our hope that cancellations will occur by 3pm so that captains will have time to notify their teams.  If an issue arises after that time, Referees will suspend matches at the fields in case of lightning or other unsafe conditions.

Rescheduled Games:  Rescheduled games will take place on Saturdays or Sundays, unless fields and referees are available for a weekday makeup game.

Minimum players:  Teams must have 7 players at the field to start the match. Matches should start on time or within a few minutes. The Referee may start their game watch at the regularly scheduled game time, and this delay time will count towards the game time in the first half. A forfeit will be awarded if the minimum number of players is not met within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled match time, or if either team is unwilling to take the field otherwise.

Rec Division:  Play should be conducted in a fun, relaxed, and non-aggressive manner. This is the only division where new players can comfortably play, and we want to support them in learning the game!  Rec is composed of players from all skill levels, from collegiate to never having played before. The general rule is: Play to the level of your opponent. This means if you are a more skilled player and have the opportunity to steal the ball from a beginner - please don’t.  Give that player a chance to get a touch, and even better, you can give that player a little guidance.  Sportsmanship should be on high display here.  Just use good common sense and remember that you’re playing for fun (which really applies to ALL of our adult divisions!).  In the case that a player or team is found to be playing aggressively or in a manner considered unsportsmanlike for Rec division, that player or team may be "promoted" to a competitive division where their play is more suited.

Competitive vs. Rec:  The Rec division is for recreational play; this does not mean skilled players are not allowed, only that play should be clean and with minimal physical contact for the safety of all players. If your primary interest in playing Adult soccer is to play hard and win games, please choose one of our competitive divisions (Open, Open Co-ed, or 30+ Coed).  If your primary goal is to have fun and get some exercise, then Rec is the division for you!  Please note:  the club reserves the right to move registered Rec players to a competitive division if the "spirit" of Rec is not being observed.  

All disciplinary actions and penalties are subject to review by the MUSC Adult Division.

Yellow and Red Cards

If you accumulate three (3) yellow cards in a season you must sit out the next match your team plays. If you accumulate five (5) yellow cards you must again sit out the next match your team plays. For every additional yellow card that you receive (6 or more total) you must sit out the next match your team plays.

If you receive a red card you must sit out the next match your team plays. If you receive two (2) red cards in the same season you must sit the next 2 matches your team plays. If you receive three (3) red cards in the same season you will suspended for the season and possibly banned from the league pending Board review.  Any red cards received at the end of the season will carry over to the next season.

If the individual that received the yellow or red card can not be identified for the game report (i.e. names and/or numbers not listed on the roster, players not wearing a numbered jersey), the captain will receive the misconduct until the correct player is identified. The captain will also be held responsible for any disciplinary actions resulting from said yellow and/or red cards.

Players in Rec should not be receiving cards; the Disciplinary Committee will review any cards given in the Rec Division.

- Counting of yellow cards. The first yellow card received in any match will count towards the player’s total yellow cards for the season. If a player receives a second yellow card in the same match, the second yellow will not count towards the season total, but it will be counted as a red card.

Example: Jim Bob received a yellow card in the 1st match of the season. He is now playing in his third match of the season. In this third match, he receives a yellow card. He then receives a second yellow card. Jim Bob’s total after the match would equal two (2) yellows and one (1) red. Jim Bob would have to sit out the fourth match because of his red card. If he then also received a yellow card in a subsequent match, his yellow card total would be three (3), and he would have to sit the next match.

- Suspensions are cumulative. If a player receives their third (or 5th, 6th, etc.) yellow AND a red card in the same match then that player must sit the following two (2) matches. Also note that the Discipline Committee may add additional suspensions.

- Yellow and red cards will be counted continuously through the entire season and are posted on the website. This means that cards received during the regular season will carry over to the tournament. This means that if a player receives a card that results in a suspension in the last game of the regular season, then they must sit out the first tournament game.  Any suspensions received at the end of the season will carry over to the next season.

The Disciplinary Committee will review all red cards and may issue additional sanctions after their review. Yellow card incidents may also be reviewed, and additional sanctions may also apply.

Note that cards received in each division only pertain to that division.


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