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General Information on HSA House Program:

There are many questions asked in regard to our House League. Here is some general information for you to review that should answer many of them.

The Huron Soccer Association provides recreational soccer (learning league), for children 4 1/2 - 8 years of age. There are two divisions your child can play on. U6 means the children must be younger than 6 to participate.  


League Objectives:
For many children soccer is their first experience of team play. Our house program is focused on basics of playing sports for fun and being a good sport. To that end no score is kept and all children receive trophies or awards at the end of the season.

Team Composition:
Our house recreation league is co-ed from the beginning to end. Teams are determined using the following criteria. Boys and girls are divided so that each team consists of equal gender. Ages are factored in so that no team receives a greater number of older players. Efforts are made to have younger and older players dispersed appropriately; however, parental preferences, requests are met when possible, and only if “fair” teams result along with such requests. Our club does not advocate “stacked” teams, as this is our learning league. Therefore, coach requests may not be honored to eliminate unbalanced teams.

As in any other sport or league, practices are determined by the VOLUNTEER coach. We encourage coaches to provide 3-4 practices before the onset of the season, yet weather and holidays may infringe on this expectation. Since games are played on Saturday mornings the coaches set their practices during the season as they see fit.   

All developmental house games for Spring 2021 will be located at Willow Metropark. Park Pass HIGHLY recommended. The Spring season game schedule traditionally begins in early April. The last game of the Spring Season usually is the 2nd Saturday of June (Around the time the Public School gets out).  Apple fest weekend is avoided for games in the fall as Memorial weekend is in the Spring. 

Game schedules (Tentative)
Saturday Mornings @ 9:00 or 10:30:00am

(Game times subject to change)
The cost to play in-house soccer is $95.00 Includes a uniform shirt, and HSA coach instruction