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South Park Baseball Association


All Managers are subject to nomination and verification (by vote) by the Board of Directors.  This process happens at the February Board meeting and any manager not receiving a majority of votes is eliminated from contention for managing a team.  If there are not enough interested parties for Manager, phone calls will be made to anyone having volunteered to be a coach asking them to manage a team. 

Manager Requirements

As a potential Manager/Coach, you will be required to provide a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance.  If you already have this clearance from another organization, and the clearance is within two years of the end of the respective season, it can be accepted as well. 

Visit the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Information Solution website at:

Create an Individual Account through the site.  You will need to remember the ID and password.  You will receive an email that your application has been received and another email that the results are complete.  You will need to log back into the site to obtain your clearance certificate.  Choose volunteer during the application process and the background check is free.

Safety Meeting

All managers are required to attend the March Membership meeting (Manager/Safety Meeting).  In this meeting, the board will review what is expected of all managers and the expectations of parents and players.