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South Park Baseball Association

Fall Ball Information

Division Player Age Range
Instructional 4 - 6 
American 7 - 8
Minors 9 - 10

The South Park Baseball Association runs a Fall Ball program every year to allow players a second season of practice and to prepare younger players for the upcoming Spring season. The age requirements for Fall Ball are set to the following year Spring season to allow incoming 5 year olds the opportunity to get some instruction before their first season. For example, if your child turns 5 after the 2017 Spring season cutoff of April 30 but will be 5 before the 2018 April 30 cutoff, he/she is eligible for the Fall Ball program.

There are three Fall Ball divisions, and the program is more instructional than competitive. More coaches are allowed on the field to instruct the players, and the game is stopped at times to allow for more instruction on the field of play.