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South Park Baseball Association

Playing by the Rules

It is the responsibility of the Manager and Coaches of the teams in a particular division to fully understand and abide by the agreed upon rules of play for the season.  One of he biggest mistakes a coach or manager can make is to not understand, or worse, not follow, the rules that they are trying to teach the players.

The team manager and coaches must clearly explain the rules to both the players and to the parents so everyone understands what is happening on the field.  Once the rules are finalized, they are listed on the SPBA website for review. 

There is nothing worse then showing up at the fields to watch a game and having fans yelling at the coaches or umpires because they do not know or understand the rules of the division.  The rules are reviewed and agreed upon by the Managers in every division before the season begins, and must be followed as agreed to.


It is the responsibility of the Manager to inform parents and players about the schedule and any changes to that schedule.  Whether it's done via email, phone call, or text message, the Manager must keep the team informed in the case of scheduling changes or inclement weather.

Every season there is at least one complaint that a team Manager failed to inform a parent/player of a schedule change causing a forfeiture for lack of players, or that player to miss a game.

It is also the responsibility of the Manager to promote the league, and trying to get parents involved with helping out.  From Spring cleanup day all the way through the tournament season, there is plenty of field work that has to be done to keep the fields in good shape.  The first question everyone has when they come to a Membership meeting is, "Who is responsible for maintaining the fields."  The short answer is, we all are.

While the Board of Directors and Managers/Coaches share a great deal of the responsibility in maintaining the fields of play, anyone can contribute by raking the batters box or base areas, lining the field, reporting broken equipment, etc.