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Game Expectations

CAA Games and Local Tournaments

  •  Players must arrive at the game field from 45 minutes to 1 hour before the game.

  •  Players must arrive properly and uniformly dressed.

  •  Players must only warm up with their teammates and coaches.

  •  Players can only be instructed by the coach during the game. The parents' role is strictly

    encouragement – NO coaching.

  •  Any involvement of the parent with their player during the game has to be designated by the

    coach (injuries, water breaks etc.)

  •  If a player will be late for the game or has to leave the game early, the coach must be notified in


  •  During the games, parents should refrain from making any comments to the game officials. The

    referees and linesmen should always be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner.

  •  Parents are not allowed to approach the coach after the game for discussions about playing

    time, playing position etc. Conferences should be scheduled for another time.

  •  Every coach, player and parent must behave according to Arkansas, league and tournament