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Coach Expectations

CAA Coach’s Duties and Responsibilities 

The coach is hired by the DOC and approved by the Club. The coach has the sole responsibility for coaching the team, which includes.

  • Selecting a team manager and approving any parental team support
  • Selecting and deleting players from the team
  • Determining tactics and formations
  • Determining playing positions
  • Determining playing time
  • Determining times for training sessions
  • Establishing and implementing training techniques and times in accordance with the format developed by the Director of Coaching
  • Recruiting players within the State Association guidelines
  • Selecting tournaments in which the team will play with the recommendation of the DOC
  • Secure substitute coach, with the guidance of the DOC, if for any reason the coach is unable to attend a game/practice
  • Ensure that uniform policy is enforced for practice and games
  • Be available to parents to discuss players
  • Keep good communication with the manager regarding team finances
  • In addition, the coach will:

o Lead by example

o Be ultimately responsible for the team regarding the enforcement of all club and team policies, procedures, rules, regulations, including the philosophy of the Club

o Attend all scheduled club coaches meeting, including special meetings called by the Director of Coaching

o At no time, handle any team or club funds, including the maintenance of bank accounts or accounting records.