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West Jackson County Soccer Club

WJCSC Constitution and By Laws

West Jackson County Soccer Club Constitution and Policies


Article I.                         Name and  Purpose

Section 1.01             Name:

This organization shall hereafter be known as West Jackson County Soccer Club, (“WJCSC”).

Section 1.02             Purpose:

WJCSC’s purpose is to organize, promote and regulate soccer in West Jackson County providing fair and equitable opportunities and rights for all children, youth and families to enjoy the game of soccer.  WJCSC shall organize, control, regulate, promote, and develop soccer in West Jackson County, the St. Martin and Vancleave area.  In order to accomplish its purpose, WJCSC shall have jurisdiction over all affiliated members within its territory.

Article II.                     Territory and Headquarters

Section 2.01             Territory

The territory of WJCSC shall encompass the St. Martin and Latimer Communities and the town of Vancleave in the State of Mississippi.

Section 2.02             Headquarters

The legal headquarters, domicile, and residence shall be in the County; Judicial District, if any; and the city, if any, of the residence of the President.  The Board may designate other business headquarters as appropriate.

Article III.                  Organization

The government of WJCSC is vested in the WJCSC Board of Directors (“the Board”).

Article IV.                   Affiliation

WJCSC is subject to the control of no other body, but it is affiliated with, recognizes and sustains the obligations of mutual counsel and cooperation with the Mississippi Youth Soccer Association (“MYSA”).

Article V.  Administration

WJCSC shall be governed by its Constitution, By-laws, Rules, Regulations, and Policies as supplemented by the United States Soccer Federation ("USSF") and U.S. Youth Soccer Association Constitution and all their regulations.  In the event of any conflict, the USSF and U.S. Youth Soccer Association documents and regulations shall apply. 

Article VI.   WJCSC Board of Directors

The Board shall consist of not more than ten (15)members, which shall be elected by the Board prior to the beginning of registration in the current year, after having received recommendations from the community concerning new Board members (see "Meetings" below).  Board members not regularly attending meetings or fulfilling their duties may be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting. All Board members are responsible for providing an "End of Year Report"

Section 6.01             Officers

Officers will be elected by the Board after having received recommendations from the community concerning new Board members (see "Meetings" below).

 A.   President:   The President is responsible for making sure the decisions of the Board are executed and for moderating the meeting of the Board.  The President will create the season schedule, as well as makeup games.  The President shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive years at a time.

B.   Registrar:    The Registrar will fill the duties of the President in the absence of the President.  The Registrar will be responsible for maintaining registration records, executing the draft, maintaining records related to all volunteers and non-volunteers associated with WJCSC.  The registrar will also act as Kidsafe Director and will be responsible for ensuring that the Kidsafe program will be carried out according to the guidelines established by the MYSA.

C.   Treasurer:   The Treasurer will receive, preserve, and pay out, upon receipt of vouchers approved and signed by authorized Board members, all money, keeping an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements.  The Treasurer shall report to the Board at each meeting a report of all receipts and disbursements.  At the end of each season, the Treasurer will render an annual report to the Board, which will be forwarded to the membership of the WJCSC.

D.   Secretary:   The Secretary will keep in a suitable book a record of all the meetings and action of the Board.  The Secretary will notify all Board members of special meetings, and give notice to the community of relevant issues, dates, and times of  soccer events.

E.   Head Referee/Assignor:  The Head Referee will be responsible for the recruitment, training, scheduling, and disciplining of all referees for WJCSC. He/She will be responsible for maintaining a record of division standings according to club policies.  The Head Referee should maintain a presence at the fields during regularly scheduled games to handle any questions concerning the referees or rules. The assignor must be certified each year.

F.  Head Coach / Player Development:  The Head Coach is responsible for the recruitment, training, assigning, and disciplining of all coaches for WJCSC.  He/She will act as a liaison between the coaches and the Board.  He/She will be responsible for written communications, or any item or information necessary for the support of the coaches.

G.   Field/Equipment Supervisor: The Filed/Equipment Supervisor will be responsible for the storage and maintenance of all club equipment.  He/She will also be responsible for ensuring that all materials necessary for striping fields will be available as needed.

H.   Scheduler: The scheduler will be responsible for creating and posting and communicating all schedule information to the league and opposing leagues that are in play.

I.  Director of St. Martin : The Director of St. Martin will help in the promotion of the soccer league in the community of St. Martin, MS

J.  Director of Vancleave:  The Director of Vancleave will help in the promotion of the soccer league in the town of Vancleave

K.  Supply Officer: The supply officer will be responsible for Uniform ordering and distribution. They will also be responsible for communicating with the photographer for pictures to set up a picture schedule and delivery of pictures. They will also be responsible for trophy orders.

L.  Director of Division II:  The Director of D2 will be responsible for developing our advanced D2 program.

M.  Fundraising Sponsor Coordinator:  The Fundraising Sponsor Coordinator will develop fund raising sponsor packages and events to be implemented throughout the year. Fundraising Sponsor Coordinator will be a non voting board Position.

Section 6.02             Meetings

The Board shall hold an annual community meeting two weeks after the end of the regular season for input and recommendations from the community concerning WJCSC 's soccer program, policies, and new Board members for the next season.  Board Members will serve alternating 2 year terms. The Board will also hold another community meeting prior to the outset of registration.  Upon the commencement of registration, the Board will meet every third Tuesday of the month unless rescheduled.  Regular Board meetings will be open to all club participants, with club participants allowed to address the Board at appropriate times.  The Board members present shall continue a quorum.  All Board members must be contacted concerning the date, time, and reason for any special meeting of the Board.




Except as otherwise provided herein, the FIFA "Laws of the Game" shall apply to RECREATIONAL (Division II and III) competition sponsored by the West Jackson County Soccer Club (WJCSC). Any rules provided which are in direct conflict with the MYSA (Mississippi Youth Soccer Association), USYSA (United States Youth Soccer Association), and/or USSF (United States Soccer Federation) rules shall be voided and the appropriate MYSA, USYA, or USSF rule shall cover the situation.


2.l All players must be registered with WJCSC.

2.2 Players must be registered with the MYSA at least fourteen (14) days prior to taking part in any competition sponsored by the USYSA or the MYSA.

2.3 All players shall have paid the registration fee set by the WJCSC Board of Directors. A sibling discount will be allowed for brothers and sisters living in the same household as determined yearly by the WJCSC Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as “the Board”).

2.4 Proof of age shall consist of Birth Certificate.

2.5 A parent or guardian shall be requested to attest to the physical fitness of the player at the time of registration. If during the playing season, a player is seriously ill or injured, a medical certificate of release from the player's physician must be presented to the coach prior to resuming practice or games.

2.6 Any injury requiring medical attention or injury resulting in inability to play in the next scheduled game shall be reported to the coach, appointed Board Representative, and the WJCSC Board.


3.1 A youth player is one who on August 1st of the current season has not reached the age of nineteen (19). A player who becomes nineteen after August 1st shall be allowed to complete the season.

3.2 Age divisions shall comprise of players according to their age on the first day of August of the current year of registration:

Under-l9 (11)     Under-14 (11)          Under-10 (8)       Under-6 (5)

Under-16 (11)    Under-12 (11)          Under- 8 (7)          No Goalie

Minimum age is four (4) years. The Board may make exceptions in rare instances.


4.1 The playing season will be from July 1, through June 30 of the following year.

4.2 The WJCSC Board will determine actual playing dates.

4.3 No games or practices may be held on Wednesdays or Sundays.

4.4 The WJCSC Board will establish an end of year tournament to determine which team(s) will represent WJCSC at the MYSA District Tournament. A tournament may not be necessary for all age/sex groups. See Section 11.


Teams shall be established at a meeting determined by the Board. All coaches will be contacted concerning the meeting for their presence. The names of all registrants will be written individually on separate slips of paper and divided into age, gender, and seasons played categories. Coaches in each age division, in alphabetical order, will draw for players for their team. They shall blindly draw a slip of paper, read the name on the slip, and a Board representative will record the name of the player on that team’s roster. Names will be drawn from the different categories in each age division, beginning with oldest and most experienced to youngest and least experienced. If teams within a division are co-ed, one entire gender for that division will be drawn, according to the above mentioned process, before any players from the next gender are drawn. After all players for a division are drawn, the team rosters will be turn over to the Board registrar.  Any late registrants will be assigned to teams according to the order in which teams were originally drawn, or according to the team with the fewest members in cases of drop-offs.


6.1 Teams shall be allowed no more than eighteen (18) players.

6.2 Any team playing a player who is overage shall forfeit the game(s) in which that player takes part.

6.3 The Coach must immediately advise the respective appointed Board Representative whenever the team loses a player until there is less than 50% of the regular season games left to play. The appointed Board Representative will then allocate "wait-listed" players strictly in chronological order. When there are less than 50% of the games remaining, the coach may, at his/her discretion, request a "wait-listed" player.

6.4 Players must register and play only with WJCSC teams. A player trying out for a WJCSC  State Division team and not making the team will automatically be registered for the recreation level of play. This player may try out for a State Division team in another area as allowed by MYSA guidelines.

6.5 Any registered player assigned to a team is bound to that team for the entire season unless:

a. There is extreme hardship such as moving to another location,

b. The request for transfer has been submitted to WJCSC in writing, and

c. the request is approved by WJCSC and MYSA.

6.6 All transfers must be in accordance with the release set forth by MYSA.

6.7 A player registered with WJCSC may participate in a local high school league providing that there is no conflict with the Mississippi High School Athletic Association or the National Federation of State High School Association rules or regulations.


7.1 For all WJCSC league games in the Under-12 and below age groups, substitutions will be allowed:

a. Approximately midway through each half, the referee shall halt the game when the ball goes out of play (throw-in, goal-kick) or after a goal for a maximum of two minutes to allow for substitutions. The game shall be restarted accordingly, throw-in or goal-kick, or kick-off.

b. At halftime.

c. For an injured player when the referee has stopped play.

d. Upon issue of a formal caution, a coach shall be given the opportunity to substitute for the player if she/he wishes. If the opportunity is exercised, then the opposing coach shall also be given the opportunity to make substitutions in a like number.

7.2 For the Under-14 age group and above, playoff and other non-league games, substitutions will be allowed as follows:

a. Prior to a throw-in (in your favor).

b. Prior to a goal kick.

c. After a goal by either team.

d. For an injured player when the referee has stopped play. If the opportunity is exercised, then the opposing coach shall also be given the opportunity to make substitutions in a like number.

e. Half-time.

f. Upon issue of a formal caution, a coach shall be given the opportunity to substitute for the player if she/he wishes. If the opportunity is exercised, then the opposing coach shall also be given the opportunity to make substitutions in a like number.


        GROUP            GAME LENGTH                        BALL

              U-l9         Two 45 Minute Halves                    # 5

             U-16        Two 40 Minute Halves                    # 5

             U-14        Two 35 Minute Halves                    # 5

             U-12        Two 30 Minute Halves                    # 4

             U-10        Two 25 Minute Halves                    # 4

             U- 8          Two 20 Minute Halves                    # 3

             U- 6          Four 10 Minute Quarters               # 3

8.1 Overtime is applicable only to championship and tournament games.

8.2- In playoff, cup or tournament play, if games are still tied after overtime periods, FIFA penalty kick rules will apply to determine the winner.

8.3 Each team will be supplied a game quality soccer ball which should not be used for practice. It is the responsibility of each Coach to have at least one (1) game quality ball available at the scheduled start of each game, both home and away.


9.1 Player's equipment must be in accordance with FIFA Law IV.

9.2 Goalkeepers may wear long trousers.

9.3 Other players may be permitted to wear long trousers under their uniforms on extremely cold days, if permission is granted by the referee and the color is black.

9.4 The goalkeeper shall wear colors which are distinguishable from the other players (both teams) and the referee.

9.5 All WJCSC players must wear shin guards when participating in any practice, game, tournament, etc.

9.6 Players must wear the same team uniform as their teammates.


10.1 Team names shall bear no resemblance to a religion or nationality.

10.2 Teams shall participate only in games against teams, which are affiliated with the MYSA. Prior approval must be received from the WJCSC Board to participate in games against teams from other State Associations. Travel permits, in accordance with MYSA procedures, must be obtained for out of state games.


11.1 Each team shall be represented at the field of play by a coach, assistant coach, or other responsible adult assigned for the game. A team not so represented shall forfeit the match.

11.2 Each player who is present for the entire game shall play a minimum of one half, unless injury prevents him/her from doing so or he/she is under disciplinary action by the coach. The coach must advise the referee prior to the start of the game which players will play less than one half because of disciplinary action. The coach must advise the referee at the point during a game when the coach is aware that a player will not meet the one half playing time requirement because of injury or disciplinary action taken during the game.

11.3 It will be the responsibility of the team coach and the parents to police and assure that each child plays at least half of each game. If the child is not playing a half, the parent must file a written complaint with the coach with copies to the appointed Board Representative and the WJCSC Board.


12.1 Post season play will be decided by an end-of-season tournament.

12.2 Division standings will be kept by the club-Head Referee. Division standings shall be based on the win/loss/tie record using the following system:

a. Two (2) points for a win.

b. One (1) point for a tie.

c. Zero (0) points for a loss.

12.3 Tournament seeding will be determined by division standings.

12.4 The WJCSC Board will set playing times, playing sites, tournament rules, and any other appropriate items.


13.1 Participation in tournaments not sponsored by WJCSC shall require approval of the Board and all written requests must be accompanied by a roster of those players planning to participate. All regular players on the normal roster must participate if they desire. Additional players to fill any roster vacancies will be allocated by the Board. This rule does not include MYSA District and State tournaments.

13.2 If a tournament is out-of-state, the team(s) wishing to participate must submit a travel request form with the request to participate. Travel shall comply with MYSA/USYSA/USSF travel requirements.


14.1 All games under the jurisdiction of WJCSC shall be officiated by a properly registered referee approved by the club-Head Referee.

14.2 Referees shall report on an official report form violations resulting in yellow or red cards, and any other misconduct (See Sec. 13.3).

14.3 Misconduct: Any case of misconduct by players, coaches, or spectators shall be reported separately by the referee to the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting (See Sec. 15.1).

14.4 The referee shall note any protests on the official game card. The note shall include the reason for the protest and the time it was lodged (See Sec. 16).


15.1 Any team desiring the postponement of a scheduled game must first receive approval of their respective appointed Board Representative and scheduled opponent. Approvals must be obtained at least 48 hours prior to game time. The Head Referee must also be notified by the appointed Board Representative of the postponement at least 48 hours prior to game time.

15.2 Any team refusing or failing to play shall forfeit the game. The Board shall determine all forfeits upon recommendations from the appointed Board Representative.

15.3 Delay. All games shall start at the scheduled time. After 10 minutes delay, the tardy team shall forfeit.

15.4 Abandoned games. If for any reason a game cannot be completed, the appointed Board Representative shall recommend to the Board a decision to reschedule the game or order the game stand as played or have the remaining minutes played off at a later date. Before action is taken, the referee's report of the game shall be reviewed.

15.5 Field evaluators shall be selected for the WJCSC President when necessary to evaluate field and weather conditions. At least one hour prior to the first game of the day, the WJCSC President shall notify the appointed Board Representative of any postponements. They in turn shall notify the coaches of the teams involved in AM or PM games. No calls should be made by involved coaches except to their players.

15.6 Replay or rain-outs. Rain-outs will be rescheduled by the appointed Board Representatives after consultation with the President and/or the Board. Every attempt will be made to reschedule the games in the same order and on the same field as originally scheduled. All cases are subject to field availability. This rescheduling may involve play after 1 p.m. on Saturday or on weekday evenings. No games shall be played on Wednesdays or Sundays.

15.7 A team shall forfeit a game unless it fields the minimum number of players as follows:

U-12 and above — 7

U-10 — 6

U-08 — 5



16.1 If a player, coach, or person affiliated with a team is removed from the field by the referee for any reason (FIFA Law XII), the case must be reported by the referee (See Sec. 13.3) to the Board. If a player receives a RED card for violent play or foul and abusive language, that player must sit out the next regularly scheduled game. A player so removed twice in one season will be automatically suspended until that player's case has been reviewed by the Board. Coaches may also be required to sit out games as a result of foul and abusive language or other misconduct.

16.2 Every coach is responsible for the actions of his/her players and spectators, and must take reasonable precautions to prevent spectators from threatening or assaulting officials and players.

16.3-Any player, coach, or WJCSC member who physically assaults a referee or linesman will be automatically suspended for one calendar year form the time of the assault.


17.1 Game protests may be lodged only for blatant misinterpretation of the FIFA laws of the game or WJCSC Special Club Rules. The referee must be notified immediately, or as soon as practical after the call, that the game is being played under protest and the reason for the protest. The protest and the time shall be noted on the game card (See Sec. 13.4).

17.2 Letters of protest must be submitted to the WJCSC President, Head Referee, or appointed Board Representative within 24 hours after the end of the game. Any letter submitted late will not be considered. The protest letter must specifically reference the FIFA law or the WJCSC rule which was misinterpreted or violated and how it was misinterpreted or violated.


The boundaries of WJCSC will be within western part of Jackson County of the State of Mississippi. New soccer participants who did not participate within another organization the previous year may register with WJCSC and participate in the organization. However, a registered participant who participated within another organization within WJCSC boundaries the previous year must have a release from that last organization. That release must be in writing and submitted to the President of WJCSC for approval. The approved release letter will be submitted to MYSA.


There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed at any WJCSC games sites, practices or tournaments. This includes all Division teams.


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