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St. John the Baptist Jaguars Athletics

Girls Basketball

League:  G.W.A.C. (Girls Western Athletic Conference) 

Coordinator Contact Info:

Jason Harvey:  [email protected]

Season Dates:
  • Sign-Ups → late October - mid November
  • Evaluations → late November - early December
  • Practices Start → early January (depends on gym availability); generally 2 weeks prior to games
  • Games Start/End → late January to mid-March
  • Dates may vary from year to year - please contact the coordinator above for specific details

Grades Offered & Breakdown:
Instructional - Grades 3 & 4 - focus is introducing & developing skills
   -- up to 8 games
   -- girls should learn to play ALL positions
   -- Playtime = each player should play 1/2 of time allowed

Competitive - Grades 5-8
Grades 5 & 6 - divided by ability through an assessment process into A, B1, & B2 levels
Grades 7 & 8 - divided by ability through an assessment process in A, B1, & B2 levels

How Teams Are Created:

ALL teams will have a minimum of 7 players.  If an age category has at least 14 players signed up, 2 teams will be created.  if there isn't enough girls in any age category, we can allow the girls to "play up" in the next appropriate age group - we will have to petition the league for approval.

For Grades 3 & 4: teams will be randomly selected

For Grades 5 - 8 → 
Evaluations: For this age group we have to conduct evaluations.  This is because we have to divide teams into a A team and B1, B2 team. The evaluation process are run by the basketball coordinator and evaluated by NON coaches and outside evaluators. After the evaluation process the girls are placed on team and then head coaches are selected. If you want to be a head coach please email the coordinator regarding your qualifications & make your wishes known on the registration form. 

Other Information:

Playing time:  League rules state that 1 full quarter must be played by all players. Based on good coaching our Athletic association hopes that the coaches play all girls equal playing time.

** The above information is to be used as a guide. Please understand that sometimes circumstances beyond our control need to be taken into consideration.