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St. John the Baptist Jaguars Athletics


League: WCSA (Western Cincinnati Soccer Association)

Coordinator Contact Info:

Linda Scott & Marie Hafertepen- [email protected]
StJB Athletic President:  [email protected]

Season Dates:
  • Sign-Ups  → April/May
  • Meet the Coach Night → late July @ Harrison Community Center (for specifics please watch look for an email with detailed information)
  • Soccer Kick Start Camp → late July
  • Practices Start → early August & are held on Tuesday & Thursday nights based on coaches schedule for all grades 1-8 
  • TCYO Pre-Season Tournament → early/mid-August
  • Games Start/End → late August through early November
  • WCSA & other Post-Season Tournaments → late October/early November
Ohio State Tournament → early/mid-November
** For specific details on the CURRENT season, please hover over the Soccer tab above & follow the links.

Grades Offered & Breakdown:
 Little Jags Soccer
  • pre-school & kindergarten aged athletes
  • held on Friday nights during the regular soccer season - 30 min devoted to learning & practice of skills; 30 minutes devoted to a mini-scrimmage against other StJB Little Jags soccer teams
Jaguars Soccer 
  • Grades 1 - 8
  • Athletes are on same gendered, mixed grade level teams as follows →
    Passers: Grades 1/2
    Wings: Grades 3/4
    Strikers: Grades 5/6
    Kickers: Grades 7/8

How Teams Are Created:
1. The coordinator is given a "Pre-Draw" file from WCSA with athletes from the previous year.
* The coordinator is instructed to add new players & subtract those not playing this year, along with pertinent information.
** This info includes items from the StJB registration such as player name, gender, birthdate, grade, contact info, coaching info,
sibling info, play up requests, &/or medical play down requests

2. This file is returned to WCSA (in mid-June) which in turn, utilizes a software program to create the teams of equal players from each grade level.
** Parents volunteering to coach will be guaranteed their child (as well as siblings of appropriate age to be on the same team)

 3. Rosters are returned to the coordinator in a locked PDF form - the only way changes are made is by submitting requests to WCSA based on the above info and guidelines.
** the roster is also turned into SAY soccer & checked periodically during games & tournaments for accuracy

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If you have problems email [email protected]

Other Information:
** The above information is to be used as a guide. Please understand that sometimes circumstances beyond our control need to be taken into consideration.

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