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“We switched to Xtreme in the spring.  We had great recommendations from some parents of teens that know John Mott and said that he teaches you the game and is a great role model for the kids.  We have been very happy and my son says he has learned so much.  I like that there is no conflict with school activities and that there are plenty of opportunities for additional instruction if you choose.  John has worked hard to build the program and it looks like it has exploded with kids this fall.  I know we have referred many to Xtreme based on our experience.  If you want to play all year you can with Xtreme.  John, I am sure wants to win but it is just as important to him in our eyes to teach the sport to the kids and have them become good players.  He is giving back to the community with volunteer opportunities.”-B. Brown

“My son had a bad experience with his former lacrosse team and vowed to never play lacrosse again.  It wasn’t until meeting an Xtreme lacrosse parent at a mutual friend’s house that he decided to try it again with Xtreme lacrosse.  We have been thoroughly impressed with the numerous volunteers, coaches, and wonderful communication since day one from Xtreme.  Practices are WELL run, very organized, and the kids really enjoy themselves. “-Tracy McKay

“I enrolled my son and was immediately impressed with Xtreme lacrosse.  The staff has kept the parents informed every step of the way.  I never had to question a thing.  After the first practice my son came home with a new desire to play the sport.  He looks forward to going to practice and working hard in preparation of the games.  During the games the coaches all work at helping the kids learn good sportsmanship and that ‘can do’ attitude. Xtreme is a top notch professional league that is organized and should be recognized for its ability to work with the youth of our area.  They run a safe environment for our kids to grow in.”   -Frank Celeste Jr.

“We were very lucky to find Xtreme lacrosse that is run professionally and is in it for the kids.  Coach Mott’s goal is to make sure the kids know how to play the game and play it well.  There is no comparison to his instructions and dedication to the kids as well as the sport.  Xtreme is also the first league we have ever been involved with that encourages the athletes to do Community Service.  I have told many families to go to Xtreme.” -Kerri Blake

“We chose Xtreme Lacrosse because we wanted our son to have the next level of instruction.  He learned to love the game at CHYLL and worked on his fundamentals.  As a member of Xtreme our son gained an appreciation of community service through works with teammates and a stronger work ethic and understanding of commitment, not just to lacrosse, but to service and academics.  All are encouraged by the Xtreme program.  Xtreme also offers instruction and interaction from other experienced, successful players.  The resources for instruction are quality.  Overall, we feel Xtreme is an excellent choice for a complete lacrosse program.” -Cathy Diehl

“We just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with the direction you have taken Xtreme. Every time we open an email another amazing opportunity is available for the boys to take advantage of. I don’t think parents or kids fully appreciate all the time and effort that happens behind the scenes to make this all possible. So we just wanted to say thank you for your dedication and commitment!” -Julie G.

“What I do want you to know is that he had an excellent experience and continues to lament how he wishes you coached him in all efforts. You are to be commended for the great success of this inaugural season. The kids played with tremendous skill and saw great rewards in some challenging match ups. I hope that you appreciate what a positive effect your coaching style has had on this eager group. We continue to speak your praises and encourage others to experience the benefits Xtreme Lacrosse. Thank you again for keeping the lacrosse fires burning in our kids and our hearts!” -B. Caber

“You have done a great job with Xtreme. I especially admire a non-school based coach emphasizing academics!” – S. Pierce

“I know I have said this before but since the season is over I wanted to say Great Job! We are so impressed with everything you have done this season! Devin truly looks up to you and you motivate him to be a better athlete, better student, and better teenager. Xtreme as an organization is unbelievable, you have exceeded everyone’s expectations. The extras you bring into the league as in the webinar, the contact with a video guy, your constant communication and follow through is priceless to parents. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you starting this league. I truly feel no one matches your ability to Coach and run a company. Whether Devin plays for you or not… we will always support Xtreme so let me know if there is ever anything we can do to help! – K. Blake

“I want to thank you so much for what all you have done for all or our sons!!  I know Andrew has gotten so much our of this summer league—instruction, encouragement, correction, play —the list goes on.  I am so glad we hooked up with you.  You are a wonderful & committed coach. ” – B. Newman

“Cole thinks that you are a lacrosse genius! He would follow you to the moon & so would we.”  –D. Cassidy

“This league is amazing! Thanks for all you do to make these boys appreciate this sport.    -The Muldowney’s

“We had an XTREME season!” -The Jones’

“We loved every minute of it! -The Rizzo’s

“We have known Coach Mott for about 5 years. John has a knowledge and enthusiasm for lacrosse that is unmatched. My son has the utmost respect for John and will do or try anything new just because John has asked him. He is truly the kind of person everyone wishes for when thinking about the perfect coach for their child.”  -Rocco and Cindy Quaranto

“John Mott has been an excellent coach for my son. He has a way of communicating the fundamentals, and skills of playing lacrosse. We were extremely impressed with John’s coaching. Our son really came out of his comfort zone and took his game to another level……Coach Mott gave him that confidence boost! He builds these kids up, and has a very good player/coach relationship with the boy’s. John has all of their respect, and ours.” – Chris R.

“My son started playing Lacrosse 4 years ago and Coach Mott has mentored him since then. John has been an inspiration for my son in many ways. His knowledge of the game, leadership style and his patience as a coach separate him from the rest. In addition, his competitive nature has proven to develop great athletes.”
-T. Carlson

” I grew up on Long Island, played four years of college lacrosse and have coached youth lacrosse for over seven years. However, after watching Coach Mott run one clinic, if I had to make a choice between myself or Coach Mott to teach my son the game of lacrosse. I’d pick Coach Mott “  -Patrick V.

“John has been working with our son over the last six months and we have seen marked improvements in his lacrosse skills. He has more awareness on the field, better control with the ball, confidence and is having fun playing lacrosse. John did a nice job evaluating our son’s level and from there focusing on fundamentals, using his left hand to catch and throw, body control when he has the ball and field position in game situations. John is an excellent coach and our son thoroughly enjoys working with him.” -P. Szewczyk

“Thank you again for your guidance and support of Trevor and his lacrosse skills. By the way, for the first time ever he informed me that he was now considering becoming a professional lacrosse player when he grows up (it used to be football), so from this remark alone I can see the positive impact you are making in Trevor’s life.” -G Cawley

“Watching him control the ball behind the net in those last two games could only been accomplished because of the development he gained from this experience and coaching. I was very happy that the goal for the team was reached as the boys had fun, learned more about the game, and increased their skills for the future.” -R Brown

“Now Luke wants to work on his skills, where before he didn’t know what to work on. Kids respond to your approach, this is the way young men should be trained” – K Jahns

“For the first time, our son learned the fundamentals of developing core strength and balance, then he was shown how to apply them to improve reaction time and shot accuracy… The skills and training that my son has learned from John have served him well and improved his performance in all sports, not just lacrosse.” -L.Simonini

“We are really seeing Colin pick up his stick a lot more, practicing, talking about what you are teaching him and using what he has learned in the games/tournaments. Thanks for all you are doing with him”  – P. Jones

“Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this program, it was so incredible for my husband and I to see the growth in our son’s play in just this short amount of time. Keep up the good work!”   -C Burton


John Mott
Program Director 

Email: [email protected]

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