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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is there a tryout?
No.  However, the maximum number of players allowed per football squad is 40 (A&B squads), and 35 (C&D squads).  The maximum amount per cheer squad is 25.  If the maximum number of players is reached, returning players will be slotted before first-year participants.
Q.  Are football players accepted with no experience?
The Roadrunners welcome ALL interested children ages 4 to 14 regardless of experience or ability.
Q.  Can girls play football too?
YES!  Quite a few girls have found success playing football as part of the Roadrunners, and other teams in the NCFL.
Q.  Do the Roadrunners offer any pre-season clinics?
Yes.  The Roadrunners football Camp is designed to give our players a running start into the season.  The camp will be held July 15-19.  Details will be e-mailed to all parents of registered players as they are finalized.
Q.  How is playing time allocated?
Playing time is allocated based on player skill, practice participation, enthusiasm as well as the ability level of the opposing team.  As a contact sport, football inherently brings a risk of injury.  Special consideration is always given to safety – not only of the player at hand, but of teammates who rely on one another for their own safety as well. 
Q.  How are football players assigned to a team?
There are 5 football team age groups within the EFL.  Team assignments are based on Player Eligibility guidelines set forth by the Northern Connecticut Football League. Guidelines are based on age as of July 1st and include maximum weights for each division.  Players falling within these age guidelines must play on their assigned squads.  As a general rule, "play-ups" and "play-downs" are not permitted.  

The divisions are as follows:
Squad Age Date Range Max. Weight
A 12-14 yrs. Must be at least 12 yrs and cannot turn 15 on or before December 31.** 175 lbs.*
B 10-11 yrs. Must be at least 10 yrs and cannot turn 12 on or before July 1. 145 lbs.*
C 8-9 yrs. Must be at least 8 yrs and cannot turn 10 on or before July 1. 120 lbs.*
D 6-7 yrs. Must be at least 6 yrs and cannot turn 8 on or before July 1.*** 105 lbs.*
Flag 4-5 yrs Must be at least 4 yrs and cannot turn 6 on or before July 1. n/a

*  Players weighing more than the maximum weight are allowed to participate with certain restrictions.
** Must be in 8th grade or lower during the playing year
*** Participants age 6 as of September 1 are eligible to play on the D team.

Q.  What is the practice schedule?
For the 2019 season, the first day of practice is Monday, July 29.  During the first six weeks, practice runs Monday thru Friday, 6:00 - 8:00pm.  D Team players will practice only 4 times per week during the month of August (Monday - Thursday).  The practice schedule is abbreviated to a 3-day schedule for all squads beginning week seven, which is typically when school starts.  Practice days are typically on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, but can change on a weekly basis.  Every attempt is made to give as much advance notice of practice schedules as possible.  Occasional Saturday practices are held at the coach’s discretion.

Q.  Do parents need to attend practices?
For younger players (especially D squad), parents are required to attend practices in the event of an injury or inclement weather. Parents are not required to be in attendance for older (A & B squad) players.
Q.  Is it necessary for players to attend all practices?
Practices are designed to condition as well as to teach plays, positions and skills not only in preparation for the upcoming season, but more importantly for player safety.  Players who have missed practices risk injury not only to themselves but also to their teammates. 
Q.  What does each football player need to bring the first day of practice?
Football players will need to bring only cleats, shorts, t-shirt and plenty of water for the first week as they acclimate to the heat and conditioning. Later in the week, players will begin to wear practice pants, jerseys and pads as directed by coaches.
Q.  What are “weigh-ins”?
The weigh-in is a mandatory requirement for all football players in order to participate in games. On the Saturday prior to the first game of the season, players are weighed in and their date of birth verified.  While cumbersome, weigh-ins are critically important for holding each team accountable to the weight requirements and ensuring the safety of players.  Players missing weigh-ins will be ineligible to participate in the first game of the season and must be weighed for two consecutive weeks on gamedays before being permitted to play.
Q.  What is the “Jamboree”?
The Jamboree is an end of year “Day of Football” for D Team players, which is held in lieu of playoffs.  Every D Team within the league attends and players participate in a total of 6 games lasting 20 minutes each (10 min. each offense and defense).  Typically the event is held the first Saturday following the end of regular season play.

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