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Sunday March 18, 2018
University of Vermont's Gutterson Field House

WHAT: National and American League baseball teams and Minors and Majors softball teams are created by a draft system. During the draft, in a series of selection rounds, players with equivalent evaluation scores are selected by coaches, one per team until all players are selected.  The goal of the draft is to ensure each team has equal distribution of skill and ability and to balance the number of players per team.  Player evaluations are a necessary part of this process.

WHO: Anyone registering to play in National League, American League, Minors, and Majors.

WHEN: Times To Be Determined (subject to change)

2:45-4:30 pm – Minors and Majors softball players

4:30-6:15 pm – National League baseball players

6:45-8:00 pm – American League baseball players

HOW: Players should wear sneakers, bring a glove and attend the full session for their league. Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to allow for check-in time.

PLAYING UP POSSIBILITY: Upon completion of the evaluations, should the applicable older league (American League baseball or Majors softball) need one or more 10 year olds to balance the teams in the 11/12 year old division, the highest rated 10 year olds from the evaluations will be contacted in order and asked if they would like to play up or not. This process will continue until the spots are filled.